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Each day, an estimated 734 children
become orphans

Orphan Life Foundation is a worldwide non-profit orphanage funding organization that are dedicated to looking for the welfare of abandoned children and orphans. We help orphans by providing health and educational opportunities, stable housing and adoption services.

With the help of our charity program for orphans, we’ve developed a number of orphanages, infant adoption centers, and schools in underserved parts of Philippines,India,Columbia and Africa with proper learning resources and tools.

Help us donate to orphans and improve their living situations.

For further information, check out our orphanage website.

Dedicated to looking after the welfare of orphan children


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By supporting an orphan you are supporting
an entire community.

Every single day almost 1000 children lose their lives to the devastating water crisis.

Our Projects and Programs Impacts

Helping remove viruses and bacteria from water which are what cause most water-borne diseases.

Reducing the devastating effect on health, dignity by providing access to safe, sufficient, and affordable water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities.

Serve as a necessary means of transportation to school, but also as a symbol of hope for new opportunities and possibilities for the orphans.

Contribute to the improvement of student learning and basic skill area

Help improve grades, creativity, attitudes towards learning, behavior, peer relationships and self-image.

Provide comfort and well-being, ensure each orphan's health by keeping them warm with soft and fluffy blankets.

Offer not only protection from the elements but also a boost in self-esteem and dignity.

Provide periodic and comprehensive statistics about the nation.

Teressa is 10 years old. She lives in one of our orphanages in the Village of Didyr. When we first found Teressa, she had been banished by her community. Her mother had died from HIV and due to the prevalent stigma associated with the disease in her community, Teressa was never accepted as a part of their society.

What you can do

John Holmes has reminded us that “There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down
and lifting people up.” Orphan Life Foundation greatly appreciates all the
support in helping lifting these innocent and forgotten children up.

How Can You Get involved?

Plenty if you set your heart to it!
There are multiple ways to send in your charitable donations our way. Pick the one that suits you:
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