3 Ways You Can Show Your Support for Orphans

A woman holding a child’s hand

For those of us lucky enough to have parents can’t even imagine what it must be like not to have them around. As an instinct, our hearts go out to the young children who lost their parents.

Research shows that there are 153 million orphans in the world. There aren’t nearly enough orphanages to cater to these young children and give them a good life. Consequently, due to the lack of proper care and shelter, there are 61 million primary-aged children out of school and 160 million child laborers in the world.

For most people, the urge to help orphans often gets suppressed by logistical reasons, such as financial restraints, time restraints, etc. However, those who genuinely desire to help don’t let excuses come in their way.

Here are a few ways people can make a difference despite their circumstances.

Donate Generously

A donation box

Since a non-profit motive runs orphanages, their primary source of income is through donations and charity. Almost all the money they receive is spent on clothes, books, education, and food for the orphans.

The people who have hectic schedules and can’t participate physically, can always donate generously to orphanages and help play their part.

Donating doesn’t only help the orphaned children but also the donor. It fills them up with feelings of gratitude and happiness. It also embeds the importance of sharing and generosity in your children and those around you.

Volunteer Work

Three people doing volunteer work

Those who have financial constraints but a passion for helping can volunteer for various orphanages. Volunteering is mainly a feasible option for students who prefer to engage in volunteer work after school.

There are several ways to volunteer. For example, promoting awareness on social media, helping take care of children, raise funds, teach for free, etc. Since there’s no formal structure or power hierarchy in orphanages, people are mostly free to help in any way they can without spending so much as a penny.

Spending time helping orphans promotes humility, which amplifies their passion for helping and making a difference.

Adopting Orphan Children

Adoption, though a huge step, can make a massive impact on children. While clothes, food, shelter, etc., help children in many ways, the warmth and love that parents can give are priceless.

People who adopt have a chance to provide the bare necessities for a child and fulfill their lifelong dreams. You get to expand your family, learn new things from them, and build meaningful relationships.

If you have the drive to help the less privileged children, contact us.

Orphan Life Foundation is driven by only one purpose: To help homeless and parentless child numbers in Philippines & Africa. We can help make you a part of this goal and suggest ways to help according to your capacity.