4 Reasons You Should Adopt a Child

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Child on a swing.

Millions of orphaned children around the world are put up for adoption every year. The stats are particularly high in poverty stricken countries. The mortality rate in poorer African countries is low, and therefore, many children end up getting orphaned at a very young age. Orphanages here struggle to make ends meet and provide a healthy environment for a child to be raised. They are in constant need of people to foster and adopt children.

If you’re considering adoption, here are some reasons to go ahead with it:

You want to begin a single parent family

For people who don’t want to be in a long term relationship to have a child or those who want to be free of custody concerns, adopting a child as a single parent is ideal. You get to raise a child and give them all the love they need and you don’t have to wait on getting married or having a long-term partner. There may be challenges with adopting as a single parent, which is why it’s essential to get in touch with the right adoption center.

Children playing together.

Same sex couples who want to begin a family

Same sex couples who want to begin a family have the option to go through with a donor or surrogate, or adoption. With so many children in the world requiring loving homes, consider adoption over surrogacy. Adopting a child also means that both partners develop a bond with the child, instead of having just one parent genetically related to the child.

To give a child a better future

Orphaned children in Africa live below the poverty line. They don’t have access to basic necessities like a roof above their head, nutritious food, clean water, electricity, and education.

They live in deplorable conditions that are incredibly dangerous. By adopting a child from such a country, you’re giving a child a chance at a better future. These children require a loving home and caring parents.

Fertility issues

Fertility issues have increased considerably in recent years. Many couples struggle to get pregnant due to various reasons like stress, underlying health conditions, medication, medical history, etc. They try fertility treatments in the hope of beginning a family, but these treatments aren’t always successful.

Some women also struggle to keep the baby. They experience miscarriages at an early stage and eventually give up on trying to have a child. The emotional trauma of going through this whole cycle can take a toll on a couple. Instead of waiting year on year to get pregnant, why not consider adoption? You will finally have your dream of beginning your family.

Orphaned children face neglect and struggle every day to survive. Orphan Life Foundation’s mission is to help as many orphaned children get adopted in Africa. We have baby adoption centers in WA that you can visit for more guidance. If you wish to donate towards our various causes like Clean Water For Children, visit our website.



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