4 Things You Can Donate to an Orphanage Besides Money

In 2020, almost $484 billion was donated to charities in the US. As times get tougher with inflation, it’s best to find other ways to help people and donate to charities.

Donating your time, efforts, and valuable things to those in need isn’t just an ideal way of giving to the community, but it’s a more effective way to help solve their problems.

Here are four non-monetary ways of donating to an orphanage.

1.    Volunteer

Volunteering is one of the best ways to connect with a community and help a cause. Unpaid volunteering is the glue that bonds a community.

Small acts and services can make a big difference when you’re donating your time to a cause that you feel very passionate about.

This can also benefit you and your family since you’ll be making a lot of new connections and expanding your network.

2.    Donate Blood

Everyone between the ages of 17 and 65 can donate blood. Men can give blood after every three months while women after every four. Donating blood is also very beneficial for your physical and emotional health.

But remember,by donating your blood, you’re helping someone who might be battling blood diseases, undergoing treatment for cancer, or had sustained injuries in an accident.

You can find a reliable donor center and set up an appointment with them. Getting a pint of blood pumped takes as little as ten minutes.

You can even consider donating your platelets which can save someone who has a blood disorder.

3.    Register Yourself as an Organ Donor

We don’t really require our organs when we’re dead. According to a report, almost 169 million people in the US have registered themselves as organ donors.

Organ donation can save dozens of life or improve the lives of people who require an organ transplant. It can increase their productivity, extend their life span, and give them another chance at life.

4.    Record Audio Books for the Visually Impaired

People who are experienced and receive training in voice work can record audio books for the visually impaired.

This saves them from the effort they have to make to learn Braille to read and enjoy books they love!

You can help these people learn different subjects and listen to interesting stories just by volunteering to record a book.

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