4 Ways Nurses Take Care of Orphans

While we appreciate the hard work and dedication of foster care centers and orphanages to take care of orphans, we often forget to acknowledge the efforts of people working behind the stage. Nurses, in particular, play an integral role in making an orphanage or foster care facility a nurturing place for vulnerable children to live in.

Here are the top four ways nurses take care of orphans.

1. Cater to the Needs of Orphans

Nurses are trained to take care of orphans, fulfilling their physical hygiene as well as emotional needs. They make sure all children eat and sleep on time. They also change the diapers of infants and clean the room when they are done playing with their toys. Apart from this, nurses console these unfortunate children who are deprived of parental attention and play a crucial role in making them feel loved, valued, and appreciated.

2. Keep Them Entertained in Leisure Time

Nurses ensure that no orphan feels left out at the orphanage or foster care unit. They spend quality time with all children and keep them entertained by playing, reading, or painting with them. They try to keep them distracted throughout the day so that they may enjoy their childhood without feeling the absence of a parental figure.

3. Help Them Go through Unpleasant Medical Procedures

Nurses at orphanages and foster care facilities are trained to look after orphans fighting with various illnesses. They help children go through unpleasant medical procedures, such as bandaging, shots, and irrigation. Devoting themselves to the safety, health, and wellbeing of vulnerable children, the nurses walk alongside them on their healing journey and help them during the difficult period of the illness.

4. Provide Educational Assistance

Full-time nurses are trained to help orphans stay on schedule with their educational lessons. They help them do their homework and revise their lessons after they return from school. Children at orphanages and foster care units also get to learn new things that are not taught at school.

Play Your Part to Improve the Lives of the Orphans

Hiring trained nurses is one way for orphanages and foster care centers to take care of orphans. However, with limited budget and resources, it becomes challenging to ensure that all children receive the love, care, and support they deserve. You can play your part by becoming a sponsor or donating whatever you want at Orphan Life Foundation. This is your chance to save a vulnerable life or transform several lives for the better by helping nurses take care of orphans!