5 Basic Supplies Every School in Africa Should Have

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Classroom supplies for kids in Africa.

Thousands of students across Africa don’t have access to essential school supplies, hindering their learning experience. Schools here have the bare necessities, and some don’t even have a roof.

Education is a fundamental right, no matter a child is in the world. An education opens up many opportunities and helps children improve their standard of living in adulthood. School supplies are therefore more important than you may think.

Here are some basic supplies that schools in Africa require:

Solar lights

Solar lights are ideal for low-light conditions. They don’t require batteries or electricity, making them cost effective for schools in Africa. Students will have a well-lit classroom as a result, improving their learning experience.

Textbooks and notebooks

Students don’t just learn in school, but are required to revise and complete assignments at home too. They require textbooks to refer to and learn from. Textbooks are expensive, and so, significant funds are required for textbooks alone. Students also require notebooks and paper to take down notes and complete quizzes.

Learning resources in Africa.


Basic stationery is vital for children getting an education. Pencils and erasers are important for learning how to write and draw. Since students come from incredibly low income backgrounds, the schools are required to provide basic stationary supplies. Essential stationery supplies also include chalk for the board, pens, pencil sharpeners, rulers, etc.

School desks

Due to the poverty rates in most African countries, many schools don’t have basic infrastructure like desks for children to sit on. They sit on the floor when attending classes, which hinders their learning experience. Donations to organizations like ours make it possible for students to comfortably learn in school with desks.

Science equipment

Children learn better with practical examples and demonstrations. Science, in particular, is a subject that requires plenty of demonstrations for children to understand various concepts. Schools require science equipment to make these demonstrations possible. Students are also required to practice experiments on their own, making science equipment essential.

Come forward today to help these children receive quality education in Africa. You can do so by donating to Orphan Life Foundation. We have many programs and projects going on that help children and adults in Africa. Our clean water campaigns and child literacy project in Africa require immediate funds. Our School Desk for African Children Program aims to provide school desks to schools in Africa.


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