5 Problems Faced By Orphan Children In India

Recent research suggests that more than 30 million children in India are orphaned, with several experiencing behavioral and emotional distress due to their circumstances. And while there are laws and facilities in place, many orphan children continue to be neglected, facing multiple problems that only seem to worsen as new crises like the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbate their existing issues.

This blog will shed light on the challenges facing orphan children in India.

1. Child Abuse

One of the most prevalent issues facing orphan children in India is child abuse. Both boys and girls across the country are vulnerable to this, and even so within poorly-regulated orphanages and shelters. But to this day, most of the orphan population of India is out on the streets, vulnerable to trafficking as well as child abuse among a variety of other dangers.

2. Malnutrition

Many orphan children in India are also at risk of malnutrition or are already suffering from it given that most orphans are not in shelters and orphanages. Malnutrition can lead to a broad range of health concerns, such as poor eyesight, stunted muscle and bone growth, impaired mental development, etc.

3. Lack Of Schooling

Most orphan children in India do not have access to necessities like food, shelter, and clean water, which also leads to a lack of education. With orphans out on the street doing everything they can to survive, schooling becomes a farfetched dream for so many.

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4. Absence Of Healthcare Services

Another major problem that requires further legislation in India is access to healthcare services, specifically for orphans. Given their increased vulnerability to illnesses caused by malnutrition, orphan children in India are in desperate need of healthcare services that can help improve their living conditions.

5. Homelessness

Less than half a million of the approximately 30 million orphans in India have access to a shelter or are in an orphanage. This increases the risk of other challenges facing orphan children in India, e.g., health problems, lack of education and necessities, etc.

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