5 Ways To Fundraise For Children’s Education In India

The state of children’s education in India is far from good. Almost 50% of the target population does not have access to secondary education, with around 20 million children that don’t even end up in preschool. That’s why our team at the Orphan Life Foundation is working hard to improve access to education for the most vulnerable population in India, i.e., orphan children.

This blog will help you get some ideas on how you can contribute to the cause by hosting different kinds of fundraisers.

1. Bake Sale

A popular way to make money for a cause is to host a bake sale in your school or neighborhood. This encourages people to engage with you and buy your baked goods, which can be used to direct their attention to children’s education in India.

Eventually, you’ll also be raising awareness regarding the cause, which will ultimately increase your chances of getting more funding.

2. Movie Night

Another way to collect funding for children’s education in India is through a movie night that you can host with friends and family. Use this as an opportunity to showcase movies about the cause, and answer questions that your guests might have. Ultimately, this is a good way to raise funds with the people you know, allowing for more in-depth discussions on the issue at hand.

3. Donation Drive

Have you ever donated clothes or books to a charity? You can also conduct one yourself to collect funds for children’s education in India. Donation drives are simple and to the point, but you can make things different to attract donors, e.g., music, artwork, etc.

4. Art Show

You can also conduct an art show where you feature children’s art to raise funds and awareness regarding children’s education in India. This is ideal for those of you who have experience conducting larger events and have networks within your local art circles.

Select several child artists whose work you like, and curate a show based on a common theme. Send out timely invites and ask prospective donors to RSVP if they can.

5. Gaming Competition

Many organizations and individuals have conducted in-person and online gaming competitions to raise funds for a broad variety of causes, so what’s to say you can’t do the same?

Provided that all standard operating procedures are followed, we see a lot of potential in these fundraising activities.

If you want to contribute to this noble cause, you too can organize and conduct fundraisers! With your funds, we’ll be able to improve children’s education in India by supporting more orphaned children in getting their education. You can also donate to us directly if you’d prefer that instead.

Call us if you have any questions.