A Day in the Life of an Orphan: Shella’s Heart-breaking Story

Meet Shella: an 8-year-old girl who was found wearing worn out clothes sitting on a sidewalk with tears in her eyes and a picture of her parents clenched in her hand, close to her heart.

Shella’s Story

At such an early age, she had lost all hope. The only thing she wanted from her life was to take her back in time to the days when her parents were close to her… when she used to go to school all excited to get a good education. She wanted to relive those days when she had no pain or worries stopping her from playing and laughing care freely with her friends.
She wanted to be surrounded by people who looked after her and cared for her well-being just like old times.

The Bigger Picture

Shella is just one of nearly 17.9 million orphans around the world who have lost both their parents. Unfortunate children like her have found their home in orphanages and foster homes. Shella lost her parents at a very young age. Her father was a member in the military who sacrificed his life for his country while her mother committed suicide after depression shackled her life following the sudden and untimely loss of her husband.

The death of both the parents left Shella on her own with no one to call family, no one to take responsibility of her, no one to look after her, no one to provide for her, and no one to look at for help in the whole wide world. She never met her grandparents; to this day, she doesn’t know where they live and whether they are still alive or have passed away like her parents. .

At an age when children cry for toys and ask for their favorite food, all that Shella wants is the company and embrace of her parents.

We’re surprised how strong her little heart is to have survived two major losses of her life one after the other when she’s not even ten years old. We admire her courage to have accepted what has happened. As of now, she wishes to be granted the opportunity to finish school like every other child. She is truly a brave, compassionate, and intelligent soul in the body of a little girl.

Food for Thought

Imagine the pain and grief this 8-year-old girl has gone through alone. Imagine if (God forbid) it was you who had to suffer from the heartache of losing both your parents at such an early age or if you had to see your own young blood going through this terrible ordeal. How would you feel?

Wouldn’t you want someone to offer you a shoulder to cry on, ears to vent, and a hand to pull you back up?

Be thankful that it wasn’t you who had to experience this pain but don’t forget about Shella. What has happened with her can happen with anyone – and it does! Life is unpredictable and the tables can be turned in mere seconds!

Be that ‘someone’ for Shella. Make a donation at Orphan Life Foundation to help her complete her education TODAY so that she can look forward to the bright, happy future she truly deserves!