Our Story

It is every child’s right to receive the love, care and attention of their family, community, or even a stranger.

In May 2016, one of Orphan Life Foundation’s members visited a school in the village of Didyr, Burkina Faso which we had been helping by contributing to the improvement of the orphan education environment present there. During the tour of the school, a child called him a “SAINT”. He asked as to why the little girl said that. She stated that she had been using the same pencil that had been given to her 2 years ago as part of Orphan Life Foundation’s efforts.

The uplifting story about this young girl serves as an inspiration for us and a display of gratitude on the part of the community for extending our support. As Meryl Streep defined it, “The great gift of human beings is that we have the power of empathy.”

Please help Orphan Life Foundation use the power of empathy along with YOUR GRATITUDE to make the lives of these orphans and abandoned children better.

Your gratitute

Inspired by the words which came out of the mouth of the little girl as well as many other children like her, we bestow the same honor upon each and every generous person, by calling them a “SAINT.”

A majority of all Orphan Life Foundation members are military veterans who have travelled around the globe, have seen both good and bad things and have themselves been in situations of various natures. Many have seen the children of their brothers-in-arms become orphans as a result of their parents sacrificing their lives during combat missions. They are the ones who took this initiative: To create an organization which helps those orphans and vulnerable children continue living their normal lives.

Orphan Life Foundation is all about showing and receiving gratitude, gratitude in the form of uplifting the welfare of orphan children through several achievable projects and comprehensive programs. As William Arthur Ward expressed, “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a gift and not giving it.”

Orphan Life Foundation is about taking action by expressing and receiving gratitude to accomplish OUR MISSION.

Our mission

Orphan Life Foundation is a USA-based non-profit charity organization operating in the USA, Philippines and Africa.

Our mission: To act as an advocate of orphaned children and provide them with holistic care, education opportunities, health and wellness support, foster home and shelter services, and facilitate the adoption process for orphaned and vulnerable children in the USA, Philippines and Africa.

Orphan Life Foundation also provides special services to children of all military/service members, firefighters and police officers who are orphaned as a result of their parents sacrificing their own lives for their beloved country.


Our team

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Our Service area

Orphan Life Foundation is currently represented in the USA, Philippines & Burkina Faso. The organization works with its global partners that help bring about a change on a local level by facilitating orphans in different areas.




Orphan Life Foundation

The main aim of Orphan Life Foundation is to tend to all the current and potential issues faced by orphan children. By organizing multiple programs, we work with our partner organizations and public support groups to manage all critical and essential problems faced by orphan children. We focus on the 3 pillars of children welfare enhancement: Education, Health and Safety.

Our United States Division

works to identify, monitor and improve orphan education plans and support vulnerable children and families in the regions we serve. We provide college grants and financial assistance based on the generosity of the public and support extended by our partners. All children of US military members, firefighters and policemen are eligible for our support based on amount of available funding. We provide different types of support services to surviving U.S. Military children who have lost a loved one in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Our Education Division

works to help identified and registered orphans as well as their support communities improve the educational framework in their region. This division solely focuses on revitalizing and providing better education opportunities for orphans to complete their basic as well as advanced schooling. These educational opportunities are centered on the creation of a safe teaching environment, provision of basic school supplies, narrowing down of the level of educational disparity, and the reduction and elimination of barriers to schooling faced by orphan children.

Our Health Division

aims to grant easy and widespread access to health and nutritional services for orphan children as well as their families. Our health division team has also formed a specialized strategy which minimizes the risk of orphan children contracting the HIV/AIDS virus. This division works in close coordination with the education division to support the careers of children, keeping children in school, protecting their legal and human rights, and ensuring that their emotional needs are well-addressed.

Our Safety Division

seeks to form strategic relationships to ensure safety, protection of the legal and human rights of orphans, and making sure that their emotional needs are catered to. The division focuses on providing adoption opportunities, facilitating the adoption process, and conducting psychosocial evaluations and interventions for placing children in fostering environments and monitoring them.

emphasizes on collaboration, innovation and taking risks to generate positive outcomes as a result of the combined effort of our organization’s members as well as partners. Social protection is a top priority through which we aim to reduce the vulnerability and risk factor most often associated with these forgotten children.

Our Strategy:

Our talented organizational members and partners work together in close harmony to offer support and provide a range of services. In this way, families and communities are able to cater to the essential needs of the orphan children, including their upbringing, health, and education.

Our Experience:

We focus on conducting health, education and safety programs in order to achieve our goal. We share the results of these programs and the lessons learned with partners and communities to enhance the level of service provided in the future.

Our Model:

Each day, children are faced with various challenges which shape their personality. This is why their future must be our focus. To continue to thrive as an organization, we must not dwell in the past and present. We must identify and understand these challenges and reshape our strategies for achieving better results.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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