Frequently Asked Questions

Orphan Life Foundation is a non-profit charity organization that works toward orphan welfare currently  in countries around the world, including Burkina-Faso, Columbia, India, the Philippines, and the United States. Orphan Life continues to try and broaden its global footprint. The organization is based in Delaware with multiple representations across the U.S. and several partnerships around the world.

Orphan Life Foundation aims to provide holistic care, basic human needs, and education for orphaned children in such countries. Our approach helps us ensure that orphans receive the resources they need to live healthy and safe lives and provide resources to potentially change the course of their and their families’ lives.

Mission Statement

“Orphan Life Foundation is dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty and adversity for orphaned children in Burkina Faso. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, holistic care, quality education, health and wellness support, foster home and shelter services, and to act as steadfast advocates for these vulnerable children. We are committed to facilitating the adoption process empowering each child to secure a brighter future filled with love, opportunity, and hope.”

 Vision Statement

“We envision a world where every orphaned child, regardless of their background or location, has the chance to grow, thrive, and realize their full potential. We want to create a global community that embraces and supports orphaned children, providing them with the love, care, education, and resources they need to build brighter futures.”

While orphaned children can face difficulties anywhere, they are more vulnerable in over-populated and underprivileged countries. These countries lack the resources to provide their people with adequate healthcare, food, education, and other necessities. With no caretaker, orphaned children have little to no chance of availing of any available resources. In fact, they are often at risk of getting robbed of available resources, violence, abuse, exploitation, and exclusion from society.

Orphan Life Foundation aims to provide holistic care, basic human needs, and education for orphaned children in such countries. Our approach helps us ensure that orphans receive the resources they need to live healthy and safe lives and provide resources to potentially change the course of  their own and their families’ lives.


Define Program as a nonprofit organization.

A program is a plan of action to accomplish for the betterment of the lives of these orphans.  Each Orphan Life aims to complete two to three programs in orphanages around the world.

List of Orphan life Foundation Programs:

  • Orphan Education Programs
  • Orphan Lifestyle Program
  • Orphan Health Programs

Define Project as a nonprofit organization

A project is an undertaking from the organization leveraging fundraiser dollars to accomplish a goal of a program.

List Orphan Life Foundation Projects

  1. Operation Education Project (OEP)
  2. Bike 4 Kids Project (BKP)
  3. Clean Water For Children (CWC)
  4. Desk For Children Project (DCP)
  5. Shelter for Shy Project (2SP)
  6. Roof for Rookies Project (2RP)
  7. Pencil for Poor Project (PPP)
  8. HIV & AIDS Assistance (H2A)
  9. Clothes for Orphan Project (COP)

We have multiple programs to care for orphaned children effectively and holistically.

For example, our Clean Water for Children (CWC) project focuses on improving the health of orphaned children by providing their families with water filtration systems. The Desk for Children Project (DCP),  Pencil for Poor Project (3P2), and Operation Education Project (OEP) aim to provide the necessary means of education and educate orphaned children to help them become independent, self-sufficient, and productive members of society. The Shelter for Sky Project (2SP), Roof for Rookies Project (2RP), and Clothes for Orphan Project (COP) are dedicated to providing clothing and shelter to orphaned children. Additionally, Orphan Life Foundation organizes multiple events and small projects to collect donations for various welfare programs.


Operation Education Project

A smart room with WiFi capabilities was built in 2022

Books, four laptops, and a smart TV were added to the room


Bike 4 Kids Project (BKP)

[provide details]


Clean Water For Children (CWC)

Provide clean drinking water to children.

Eliminate the water crisis and the health issues that occur because of drinking contaminated water, like cholera, Dysentery, and Diarrhea.

Find/supply clean water solutions like scour the land and find the best spots for digging wells to help people access clean water.


Desks For Children Project

Built [__] desks in 2022 for orphaned children in Burkina Faso

Build [30] desks in 2022 for orphaned children in India


Shelter for Sky Project

Identified and protected 2057 orphaned children aged 17 and under from 2011 to 2018.

Facilitated placement 404 orphans in local shelters.

Facilitated placement of 53 orphans in foster families

Assisted with 17 adoptions


Roof for Rookies Project (2RP)

Plan to overcome the barriers preventing children in rural Africa from getting quality education.

Build new classrooms and renovate existing classrooms for schools in the area. 

Support and facilitate institutes trying their best to provide education in 3rd world countries.


Pencil for Poor Project

Provided supplies to 5 schools in Burkina-Faso during 2018-20

Provided supplies to 6 schools in Burkina-Faso during 2019-2020

Currently working to provide school supplies to the entire village district of Didyr.


HIV & AIDS Assistance

Tested orphaned children in Didyr in Burkina-Faso. Educated children to raise awareness about the disease. Educated children on when to seek help.


Orphan Life Foundation has also been involved with various local orphanages in the aforementioned countries to facilitate orphans in various ways. Due to health risks and travel restrictions during the 2020-2022 period, we have been working with local partners in various villages of Burkina-Faso, Columbia, India, and the Philippines. With travel restrictions easing, thanks to mass vaccinations, we have resumed our mission, travelling recently to an orphanage in India in December 2022.

To date, the Orphan Life Foundation has provided clean water, bikes, clothing, and food to (how many orphans) in Burkina Faso and desks, books, clothes, games, and computers to 45 orphans in India.

You can help by donating to us as well as collecting donations for us.

For donations, you can send us the supplies we need or donate money that will allow us to purchase the supplies. Make a monetary donation to us here.

To donate supplies or to help us collect donations, click here.

You can make your donations to Orphan Life Foundation at [ADD LINK]

Charity Number: 81-4314076

Please note that all donations made to Orphan Life Foundation are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.

Yes, we utilize PayPal to receive donations, and all transactions occur on PayPal’s secure servers. Orphan Life Foundation does not see, collect, or process any credit card information when a donation is made through our Donate Now button on our website. 

Our doors are always open for volunteers, no matter where they are. You can volunteer with us at your own time and location. Please click here to find complete information on our volunteer program.

For further queries, please write to us at

The Orphan Life Foundation primarily addresses the social issue of orphaned and vulnerable children who face adversity due to the loss of parental care and the resulting challenges, including poverty, lack of education, and limited access to basic necessities. Our organization works to provide holistic care, education, and support to improve the lives and prospects of these children.

We are focused on ensuring clean drinking water, which is a big issue as it can lead to serious health issues and fatalities. We are relentlessly working to build water filtration systems to provide easy and reliable access to clean water.

Besides this, we also focus on educating orphan children about HIV, including its transmission, prevention, treatment, and the impact it has on individuals and communities. Understanding how HIV is transmitted and how to protect oneself is essential in preventing new infections.

To measure program impact, various strategies are employed. Firstly, Outcome Assessment involves evaluating specific changes or goals a program intends to achieve, such as improvements in educational outcomes. Data Collection is essential, involving collecting relevant data before, during, and after program implementation, including surveys, interviews, academic records, and health assessments.

Baseline Surveys establish a starting point and assess the initial conditions or needs of the target population. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are defined, offering measurable metrics aligned with program objectives.

Qualitative Feedback is gathered through interviews and focus groups from participants, beneficiaries, and stakeholders to provide valuable insights. Case Studies and Success Stories are documented and shared to illustrate positive changes.

Some of our successful projects and initiatives include:

  • Operation Education Project, where we built a smart room with WiFi capabilities and provided four laptops.
  • Shelter for Sky Project helped us identify and protect 2057 orphaned children aged 17 and under from 2011 to 2018. Through this project, we also facilitated the placement of 404 orphans in local shelters and 53 orphans in foster families.

There are multiple ways to support us. You can send charitable donations or become a volunteer with us to empower and motivate orphans.

The biggest challenge is arranging funds for projects like Clean Water For Children (CWC). Under this program, we want to establish filtration systems to eliminate water crises and health issues from drinking contaminated water. This requires capital and skilled labor.

To ensure accountability in financial management, the Orphan Life Foundation maintains accurate records, prepares annual financial statements, and adheres to clear financial policies and budgets. Independent audits are conducted annually, and the results are shared with the board and the public. Donors are informed about fund utilization, and grant compliance is upheld.

We are ready for collaborations and partnerships. In fact, we are happy to guide people interested in fundraising for OLF. View our fundraising page for details.

In order to provide orphaned children with the care and affection they rightfully deserve, our dedicated team of organizational members and collaborative partners work closely and harmoniously to offer a comprehensive array of services.

Our long-term goals and aspirations for the future are to empower, encourage, and motivate orphaned children to realize their full potential and progress in life. We wish to expand our outreach, reaching more orphaned and vulnerable children, not only in our current operational areas but also in new regions where our assistance is essential.

We aspire to continue delivering comprehensive care, education, and essential resources to orphaned children, equipping them with the means to overcome the cycle of poverty and adversity. At OLF, we want to leave a positive impact on the lives of the children we serve, enabling them to thrive long after our initial involvement.

The Orphan Life Foundation strongly emphasizes diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We prioritize diverse representation in our team and decision-making processes to achieve this. We maintain an anti-discrimination policy and ensure equal opportunities for growth among our staff and volunteers.

Volunteers play a pivotal role. They help us:

  • Gather used clothing and shoes for the Orphan Life Foundation.
  • Collect spare change or donations from your local community to support the Orphan Life Foundation.
  • Raise awareness about orphaned children and advocate for their adoption.
  • Seek sponsors to support the educational programs of the Orphan Life Foundation.
  • Assemble school supplies for donation to the Orphan Life Foundation.
  • Volunteer to travel to our established orphanage in Burkina Faso to assist in promoting the health and well-being of orphaned children.

Our website has a news section where we share the latest news about project progress and videos. We also share financial information so our supporters are well-informed and updated in every way possible.

Please view our website to see programs and project initiatives underway that require your support and assistance.

Yes, numerous ways exist to contribute and support us, like fundraising, volunteering, and participating in our Giving Tuesday event.

We show gratitude and spread smiles. This gives us the strength and courage to continue and move forward to make a positive difference in the lives of those who need us the most.

You can make donations. All details are provided on our website, or contact us via Tel: +1-360-704-9400 or email:

The Orphan Life Foundation extends a warm invitation to all individuals who are passionate, enthusiastic, and dedicated to joining us on our mission to enhance the lives of those less fortunate.