Our Mission

It is every child’s right to receive the love, care and attention of their family, community, or even a stranger.

Our Story

In May 2016, one of Orphan Life Foundation’s members visited a school in the village of Didyr, Burkina Faso which we had been helping by contributing to the improvement of the orphan education environment present there. During the tour of the school, a child called him a “SAINT”. He asked as to why the little girl said that. She stated that she had been using the same pencil that had been given to her 2 years ago as part of Orphan Life Foundation’s efforts.

The uplifting story about this young girl serves as an inspiration for us and a display of gratitude on the part of the community for extending our support. As Meryl Streep defined it, “The great gift of human beings is that we have the power of empathy.” Please help Orphan Life Foundation use the power of empathy along with YOUR GRATITUDE to make the lives of these orphans and abandoned children better.

Your Gratitude

"Inspired by the words which came out of the mouth of the little girl as well as many other children like her, we bestow the same honor upon each and every generous person, by calling them a “SAINT.”"

A majority of all Orphan Life Foundation members are military veterans who have travelled around the globe, have seen both good and bad things and have themselves been in situations of various natures. Many have seen the children of their brothers-in-arms become orphans as a result of their parents sacrificing their lives during combat missions. They are the ones who took this initiative: To create an organization which helps those orphans and vulnerable children continue living their normal lives.

Orphan Life Foundation is all about showing and receiving gratitude, gratitude in the form of uplifting the welfare of orphan children through several achievable projects and comprehensive programs. As William Arthur Ward expressed, “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a gift and not giving it.”

"Orphan Life Foundation is about taking action by expressing and receiving gratitude to accomplish our mission"

Our Mission

Orphan Life Foundation is a USA-based non-profit charity organization operating in the USA, India and Africa (Burkina-Faso). Our mission: To act as an advocate of orphaned children and provide them with holistic care, education opportunities, health and wellness support, foster home and shelter services, and facilitate the adoption process for orphaned and vulnerable children in Burkina-Faso.