All You Need to Know about Africa’s Water Crisis

The people in Africa face never-ending struggles. Unfortunately, the worst of them is the water crisis. Africa is experiencing one of the worst climate changes ever, which has led to water scarcity.

This water crisis has drastically affected people, especially children, exposing them to starvation, disease, and death.

Fortunately, orphan organizations worldwide have taken initiatives to help the nation with this crisis. Let’s learn more about this issue and how you can help.

What is Water Scarcity and How is It Affecting Africa? 

Water scarcity is the lack of access to clean water. There are mainly two types of water scarcity—economic and physical.

Economic water scarcity is a lack of inaccessibility to water due to institutional flaws, like development, investment, and infrastructure. On the other hand, physical scarcity is caused by climate changes, such as weather pattern alterations, droughts, etc.

Currently, Africa is dealing with both. African people may have access to some water, but the problem is that it’s unclean. Children and adults are consuming dirty water, which affects their health significantly.

How Does the Water Crisis Affect African Children?


Water crisis in Africa

The water crisis has been affecting children the most. They face the risks of water-borne diseases and severe malnutrition.

Children experience deadly outbreaks of diseases, such as cholera or diarrhea, and child mortality can rise dramatically. Unfortunately, many children in Africa are malnourished, putting them at greater risk of death due to water-borne diseases.

For example, cholera and acute water diarrhea outbreaks have been reported in nearly all areas affected by the water crisis in Somalia. Moreover, 8,200 cases have been reported between January and June this year.

How Can You Help People in Africa?

If you understand Africa’s water crisis and want to do something to help them, you can join our Clean Water for Children (CWC) program.

What is Our Clean Water for Children (CWC) Program?

Our clean water campaign is an initiative to offer safe drinking water to children so they don’t have to suffer because of the water crisis. At Orphan Life Foundation, we aim to clean the water grounds of Africa’s rural areas. This can help us locate and supply clean water solutions for the children.

To make this campaign successful, our team has joined hands with international clean water campaigns like “Eau Vive Internationale.” Our campaign is a two-step process:

Step 1: Orphan Life Foundation is putting together funds to provide for our digging expeditions in Africa. Our teams choose underprivileged areas or institutions to find the best spot to dig wells.

If an area isn’t suitable for building a well, we install water pumps to provide water for the people in that area.

Step 2: Some areas in Africa have water access, but it’s not fit for drinking. To resolve this problem, our team distributes water filters to community institutes.

You can join us in this good cause and give these children clean water by sending us your donations or contacting us to help us. We’ve come together with multiple orphanage websites and charities to make a change.

Contact us today for more information.