An Insight Into India’s Education System

India is home to some of the world’s oldest educational institutions and a diverse variety of educational systems.

However, most of India’s educational system has been plagued with challenges since independence. It’s impossible to ignore the fact that India lacks sufficient human resources for its educational institutions to deliver quality education, especially for orphans in India. The Indian education system does not have qualified and trained teachers, and there is an extreme shortage of facilities for teaching every kid at affordable fees.

In this post, we’ll discuss the current challenges with India’s education system and how we can improve it.

1. Limited Number Of Seats Available

The first challenge is that there are only limited places available (only about 300,000 seats) for these students at most government schools. This means that a large number of students will have to travel long distances to get a seat.This is especially true in rural areas where there may not be many schools close by. In turn, most orphans or underprivileged kids may have to wait years before they can get into a good school or university and start their careers as doctors or engineers.

2. Lack Of Financial Assistance

The majority of orphans in India are from lower socio-economic groups and they are unable to afford formal education. It is difficult to find a school that will accept them due to their financial status. Most orphanages do not offer free education to all the children who live there, which makes it even more difficult for them to get an education. This can be attributed to the lack of financial assistance provided by the government or private agencies for orphans.

The government does not provide sufficient grants or scholarship assistance for orphans studying at a government school or college, leaving them with no other choice but to opt for private educational institutes run by charities for orphans in India.

orphan kids smiling

3. Poor Infrastructure And Scarce Resources

In India, there are more than 30 million orphans. The government has made attempts to support these children by providing them with education. However, the government does not have enough resources to support all the children who want to go to school. There is a lack of classrooms, teachers, and books in most schools.

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