Best Ways to Celebrate Christmas This Year

Family celebrating Christmas whole holding sparklers

Christmas time is near! It’s time for gifts and toys and time for cheers. It’s time to put the uncertainty and upheaval that the past year has brought and start appreciating the little things in life. Even if the pandemic is far from over, we should focus on the good that we’ve done and appreciate ourselves.

Rather than doing things the same way every year, spice it up this Christmas by branching out and exploring different holiday traditions. Find new creative ways to make your tree sparkle and shine so that it can look spectacular. Spread the holiday joy by visiting children orphanages and giving them a memorable time. Let’s find out how you can make this Christmas like no other.

Cook Together As a Family

Unwrapping all those gifts whets one’s hunger. If you’re able to pull your children away from their new gadgets and toys for a moment, have them make breakfast in the kitchen. (Assign the little ones the toasting duties). Whip a batch of French toast or make some delicious sweet potato hash with sausage with a side of eggs and stay in your pajamas all day.

Family having food on Christmas

Christmas Cards

These Christmas cards may be the only piece of mail you send out throughout the year. So, make them worthwhile. You can make your holiday card by DIYing it up, sending a hilarious and funny greeting card or leaving a remark saying you’re missing and keeping your family and friends in your thoughts and prayers. Don’t leave your creativity behind by thinking this is a rookie’s project. You can also come up with a creative manner to present the cards you receive by arranging them across your mantle with ribbons or hanging them in your dining room for the guests to see when they enter.

Gift of Thought

Presenting the gift of time or thought is one fantastic way to celebrate Christmas that is both non-traditional and cost-efficient. Regarding the gift of thought, each family member may present a thoughtful gift, like making someone’s dish of choice and attaching the used recipe with it.  You can also offer redeemable coupons for services like a deep massage or doing the house chores for a week. You can also offer something that they need in their day-to-day life.

Pro tip: Don’t hand out school supplies to children; even if they need it, they’re not going to like it!


Giving back to the community usually feels wonderful, so why not do it during the holiday season? Donate clothes to orphanages or look up local food banks that need necessities for those in need. When you take time out to donate and help during the holidays, you never know how much that means to the less privileged.

You can make a difference in a person’s life by donating to a children charity or an orphanage charity organization. Our dedicated employees at Orphan Life Foundation are committed to improving orphaned children’s life by offering educational, health and housing options. Contact us to find out how you can donate.