Gifts of Kindness: How You Can Change a Child’s Life

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children reading from child learning resources

Children struck by poverty and without families are part of the most vulnerable population on earth. According to UNICEF, around 153 million children in the world are orphaned. Charities all over the world try to help these children thrive by providing them food, shelter, and clothing.

But funding is difficult to come by. Many organizations rely on people like you to help them supply basic necessities, books, and toys to children. Here are some of the best gifts you can buy to help a child in need.


The best present you could give to a child is a good education. Books are great learning resources that help children develop language, reading, and creativity. If you have any old storybooks or textbooks collecting dust in your attic, you can donate them to a charity and put them to good use. Or you can always get good recommendations from children’s bookstores.

School Desks

Children at many schools in African countries often sit on the floor to attend classes, which is detrimental to their health and learning. Donating to organizations like ours helps supply school desks for African children.

Art & Craft Supplies

Children love making art. They’re full of creativity and passion. Who knows what magic they could make if handed a paintbrush? Watercolors, scissors, glue, and paper are only a few of the many tools you can offer a child. A basket full of art and school supplies will surely put a huge smile on the children’s faces.

a happy child holding a stuffed toy


Stuffed and musical toys are always a safe choice if you’re not sure what age group you’re buying for. If you can find out the children’s ages and interests, you can get them toys that they’ll truly love and appreciate. Contact the orphanage to learn more about the children and what they need to make the right choice.


Another way you can help is by donating baby clothes to orphanages. Basic necessities like food, clothing, and shelter can often fall short at any charity organization. This gift also requires contacting the orphanage to make sure you have the right sizes. They will most likely provide you with a list to help you get something suitable.


Blankets make very useful gifts for children even if they’re not as attractive as the other items on this list. Orphanages work hard to get funding. Blankets can be an expense they can’t afford for every child. This is where you can help. A practical gift like a blanket goes a long way in providing warmth and comfort to less privileged children.

Donating Money

Another alternative to buying children gifts is donating money directly to an orphanage. Orphanage charity organizations like Orphan Life Foundation are all about helping lesser privileged children live better lives. Our projects involve providing clean water, school desks, and shelter to kids in Africa. Make a donation now to change a child’s life.

Global Pandemic Relief Fund

Now, more than ever, we need your support to help the vulnerable orphans at the Hindu Anathashram orphanage survive the pandemic and its effects. Donate now to save lives and spread smiles.