Help Raise Money to Feed 1, 077 Orphan Children

Orphan children living in Burkina-Faso, India, Uganda and Philippines are one of the most vulnerable groups in the world. With limited access to clean water, food, health and education facilities, small children struggle day in and out and survive on food scraps.

This Thanksgiving, Orphan Life Foundation has vowed to provide warm meals to over 1,077 children in Burkina-Faso, India, Uganda and Philippines. Amid the current pandemic and all that these children have been through, we feel that they deserve to get edible food just like all of us and our children more than ever. But we need your help.

Thanksgiving is a time when we celebrate the harvest of our hard work and show our love and gratitude for each other. It’s also an opportunity for us to welcome our friends and neighbors to our tables. This year, we urge you to open your arms to the orphan children who need your help.

As a gesture of Thanksgiving spirit, donate for a good cause. Every penny will go toward feeding hungry children and make provisions to meet their basic medical needs amid the health crisis.

malnutrition among orphans

You can make your donations through PayPal, Amazon or our Facebook page. For more information, feel free to connect with us.