Help Save a Child

Meet Teressa

Teressa is 10 years old. She lives in one of our orphanages in the Village of Didyr. When we first found Teressa, she had been banished by her community. Her mother had died from HIV and due to the prevalent stigma associated with the disease in her community, Teressa was never accepted as a part of their society. Unfortunately, Teressa had never met or known her father. So she was left all alone after her mother’s demise.

Without a roof over her head and no way to find food and comfort, Teressa struggled to stay alive. No child should live a life Teressa led before joining our orphanage. She showed great strength and determination and fought for her life like a true warrior. The volunteers at our shelter continue to be amazed by Teressa’s unwavering spirit in the face of adversity.

Teressa was quick to make friends in our orphanage. She has a sharp mind and a witty sense of humor that draws you toward her like a magnet. If you ever meet her, you can’t resist making friends with the bright-eyed girl. However, while Teressa was enjoying her new life away free from hardships, COVID-19 struck and the world around her turned upside down once again.

During the current COVID-19 outbreak, vulnerable populations including orphans in our orphanage in the Village of Didyr are suffering the most. Already at a disadvantage in society, these children are struggling every day to keep themselves safe amid the global health crisis.

The weak healthcare infrastructure in developing countries also makes it challenging for orphans like Teressa to receive adequate healthcare if they catch the virus.

Your contribution can save her life. At Orphan Life Foundation, we work round the clock to improve our orphans’ quality of life. Your donations can go a long way in ensuring Teressa lives a life she truly deserves. Help her receive clean drinking water and school supplies by donating to our cause. We accept donations through PayPal, Amazon and our Facebook page