Helping Orphans in Need: How You Can Help?

Helping orphans in their hour of need is not merely an NGOs or aid worker’s responsibility. But rather, it is our responsibility too. Of course, the best way is to adopt the little bundles of love. But adopting a child comes with a very broad range of difficulties and responsibilities, which many of us are not equipped to deal with on our own.

While not everyone can adopt, let us take a look at what you can do to help these children.

Educate Yourself Regarding Their Sad Plight

You have to think beyond your own home and neighborhood and be at one with the vast numbers of orphaned children that are currently living a miserable life. You can turn to the Holy Scriptures for guidance in this regard. Try and understand the problems that orphans face all over the world, stretching from the rural wastelands of Burkina Faso all the way to the urban slums of Mexico. Once you know how difficult it is for a vulnerable child to get through the day (or night), you will be able to tell others about their terrible plight.

Use Your Own Platform

Even if we do not realize it ourselves, we all have a platform that we can use. Are you a writer? Use your writing skills to create awareness by writing online and offline. Are you an athlete? You can use your celebrity status to speak about orphans and what they suffer for a single bite of food. Are you a public speaker? Use your linguistic capabilities to ignite the podium and your audience with the fire to help those who need your help the most. Are you a businessman? Use your office cocktail parties as a vehicle to advocate the work of any local adoption agency.

And if you can’t do any of that, at the very least, join the social media pages of various charity organizations and adoption agencies and share their messages on your own account. By promoting their posts, you will be able to share in their great work in your own small way.

Mobilize Your Community

You can be the focal point that helps to connect your local community with an adoption agency or an orphanage. By pooling all our resources together, it is entirely possible to offer a great deal of aid to even the most needy and destitute people in Sub-Saharan Africa.


You can convince your friends and neighbors to donate generously for the cause. There are so many organizations that are doing good work in the most underprivileged communities. But they can only do so much without the support of people like you. We, at Orphan Life Foundation, are committed to Helping orphans in need and look forward to your help and support.