HIV/AIDS – The Plague That Has Taken the World of Orphans Away from Them

Take a Moment to Be Grateful

We’re all so busy in our almost-perfect lives that we don’t realize life doesn’t treat everyone the same way.

We should all be grateful for the pleasant and peaceful lives we live, for the necessities and luxuries we have access to, and most of all, having our loved ones by our side. We should consider ourselves blessed to have our family and friends with us, healthy and free from any life-threatening diseases. We’re fortunate that they are always there for us when we need them the most.

Don’t Forget the Unfortunate Souls

Most orphaned children, on the other hand, don’t have the luxury to experience such feelings and emotions that those associated with living a healthy life alongside their parents do.

According to UNICEF, at the end of 2015, a total of 2.6 million children around the world had HIV/AIDS – and a vast majority was of orphans.

HIV/AIDS is a potentially life-threatening disease that has been taking a toll on orphaned children. These diseases have also been the culprit behind the death of one or more parents of these children. This unfavorable statistic has drastically affected their lives, birthing new problems for the unfortunate souls to deal with on a daily basis.

Looking for a Solution

At Orphan Life Foundation, our mission is to provide the orphans with optimal treatment, care, and support against HIV/AIDS.

Orphans who have been tested positive for these viruses or those who were unfortunate enough to have their parents taken away from them because of these diseases are placed under quarantine. This was imperative considering the infectious nature of the virus.

Their freedom, happiness, and smile are taken away from them with society barring them from having access to basic education, health services, and other activities. It’s sad to see that the things that all children of their age are being granted unrestricted and unconditional access to are not being provided to them.

Let’s Join Hands against HIV/AIDS

Since its inception, Orphan Life Foundation has been playing its role in changing this discriminatory attitude, which on most occasions stems from no fault of the helpless children.

We have undertaken various projects to recognize orphans as valued members of society, cultivating positivity within them as well as those who don’t see them as equals. One such program is called the HIV and AIDS Program (HAP). Under this program, we’re working day in and night out to minimize the risk of HIV/AIDS conception for the vulnerable souls while providing medical assistance to the sufferers.

It would make a world of a difference if you join our hands against the fight with HIV/AIDS in support of the orphaned children.
These parentless children await your love, care, and donations – let’s give them hope for a bright, happy future!
Will you be interested in becoming a part of our family and an instigator of positivity and change for the betterment of society at large