How Orphanages Can Impact Children’s Mental Health


Orphanages can sometimes have a negative reputation when it comes to childcare. However, it is important to understand these negative implications in light of the challenges faced by orphanages while providing safe spaces for less privileged children. Despite the difficulties, Orphan Life Foundation offers these children hope and a safe space to grow within an institutionalized family unit.

Orphans are a vulnerable segment of our society, meaning they are exposed to various issues related to their physical and mental wellbeing. Inadequate care, lack of stimulation, and the unavailability of constant guidance or parenting have been linked to unfavorable outcomes among young people who have been less privileged orphan children. Institutional parenting has the ability to provide these resources to orphans and become a ray of hope for their future.

They Can Lack Proper Training, Affection, And Positive Energy

One of the major issues faced by orphans is a lack of affection, which can lead to attachment issues and low self-esteem. Lack of education and a monitored environment can lead to development issues in kids due to shortcomings on the caretakers’ end. Hence, they can turn out to be impoverished, insecure and illiterate.

Children need a safe environment for positive growth and development. Therefore, it’s necessary for institutions such as orphanages to provide the necessary resources that focus on their mental wellbeing.

Attachment Issues and Orphanages

Attachment troubles and, in some cases, a diagnosable attachment disorder are common in children who are born into or grow up in orphanages. Adopted children often exhibit unusual social behavior or reactions to warmth and care from a guardian due to not having built an attachment with a parent or caregiver during early childhood.

Lack of parental care or affection impacts brain development, making it more difficult for adopted children to create meaningful relationships later in life. Parents and professionals can, however, assist foster children in forming healthy attachments and treating their disassociation issues.


At Orphan Life Foundation, we believe it is crucial to understand the negative impact that some orphanages can have on the mental and physical wellbeing of children in order to tackle those issues head on. We provide child learning resources, school supplies, and a home to less privileged children and you can help change a life by providing shelter to an orphan or donating. You can contact us to donate or adopt at +1-360-704-9400.