How The Clean Water For Children Project Helps Orphanages In Africa

In Africa, every third person is said to be affected by a lack of safe drinking water. And with over 52 million orphans in the continent, orphaned children are the most vulnerable to water scarcity.

To address this disparity, our foundation launched the Clean Water For Children (CWOC) project for orphanages across Africa, which has also helped to reduce the prevalence of bacterial and parasitical infections. Here are the major tenets guiding our project.

1. Fundraising

Our efforts began multiple fundraisers to help execute the Clean Water For Children vision. In Africa, where the water crisis runs across various parts of the continent, clean water is hard to come by and requires some scouring to look for sites where wells and pumps can be installed.

2. Digging For Wells

The funds collected go to digging sites where wells can be installed to provide water to that particular locality for years to come. To begin with, our team identifies potential sites across underprivileged neighborhoods and communities where a well would be needed, after which our team looks for spots where a well can be dug.

3. Installing Pumps

In some instances, digging a well might not be enough as there might not be ample groundwater reserves. This is where our team brings in the high-powered pumps, which have enough strength to pull water across long distances for areas lacking clean water. The high-force water pumps are an important step in our clean water for children project, which has been quite useful in providing fresh water to orphanages in Africa, India, and the Philippines.

4. Water Filters For Local Institutes

Some parts of Africa do have running water facilities. But unfortunately, most of the water that comes from the pipelines is always too salty or polluted and, therefore, unsafe for consumption. In this circumstance, our clean water for children project provides water filters to orphanages, schools, and churches across these regions.

Through this project, we aim to make Africa free of water scarcity for children and wish to significantly reduce the number of deaths caused by water scarcity among children by 2023.

A group of young boys and girls sitting close together outdoors

The Orphan Life Foundation is running several projects besides our clean water for children project across India, Africa, and the Philippines, so we urge everyone reading this to consider donating to our causes. Some of our programs include HIV and AIDS, Shelter for Shy, and Pencil for Poor. So donate now to the orphans in these countries and help save a life!