How the Pandemic Affected Fundraising for African Orphanages

Children running on brown sand surrounded with trees in an orphanage

COVID-19 has affected more than 800,000 people, among which many have lost their lives. But, it has adversely affected the lives of orphanage children the most. Africa, already an underprivileged continent, does not have the resources to ensure COVID-19 precautions. African NGOs have suffered the most at the hands of the COVID-19 crisis. It faced a huge withdrawal of health workers and a big drop in finances because non-governmental organizations were afraid for their employees’ health.

In 2017, the WHO stated that Africa has a shortage of health workers. Today, in 2021, the shortage remains—only 3% of the health workforce is available. African countries are most vulnerable to COVID and other illnesses. At this point, 2 million 18-year olds have lost a caregiver. Due to this, these children are suffering from psychological impacts.

Children in orphanages are experiencing a worse situation. Essentials for COVID-19 like masks, gloves, sanitizers, etc. are scarce mainly because orphanages in Africa stand to lose a third of their funding. There are many reasons why there is a drop in the orphanages’ funding. Here are three.

Drop in Economic Conditions

There has been a big drop in the incomes of people throughout the world due to COVID-19. This decrease is reflected directly in orphanage funding.

Also, due to social distancing, no private fundraising activities were scheduled, like marathons, charity drives, fundraising events, etc. If orphanages in Africa keep losing their funds, crises in orphanages will increase.

Scaled Back Operations

Numerous NGOs in Africa are cutting down on their operations. It is because there is a steady drop in the funds. NGOs are unable to pay wages to their employees and caregivers. They are facing a hard time in providing necessities such as healthcare, clean water, better living conditions, etc.

Survival of NGOs

Without external supports, NGOs in Africa cannot survive and work. Orphan charity, clean water campaigns, child literacy projects, and other such programs need funds because they provide orphan children with the basics. The conditions of NGOs are now uncertain. With their dependency on private and public grants, NGOs are unable to cover core operating costs.

A child standing near a broken brown fabric sofa inside a bad condition room

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