How Volunteering Helps Your Mental health

Quite a few of us have volunteered at a soup kitchen, as a teacher at an underprivileged school, or helped out in some other way with a charitable cause.

When we volunteer our time, talent, and energy to help others, we make a positive impact on our neighborhood and the world around us.

While it is impossible to overstate the impact that volunteers have on the lives of those they touch, it is important to acknowledge the good it does for us.

Here are just a few ways in which volunteering improves your mental well-being:

Benefits of Exercise on Your Mood

Voluntary work is a great way to get people moving while also getting their minds stimulated.

Researchers have shown that older persons who volunteer report greater physical health than those who do not.

People 65 and older are more likely to have lower levels of depression and anxiety if they volunteer.

Eases Anxiety

Giving back to the community releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that has a positive effect on the body and mind.

Many volunteers at Orphan Life Foundation say that they get a sense of fulfillment and gratitude from giving and receiving service to others, which can alleviate stress.

This prevents several physical and mental health problems, including cardiovascular disease, stroke, anxiety, depression, and general illness.

Boosts Your Confidence

Volunteering often involves learning new skills. The combination of learning a new skill and being placed in an unexpected setting might provide mental stimulation we wouldn’t find outside of volunteer work.

We also develop a sense of purpose and pride by using our skills to help others.

When we find that our efforts and presence are useful to others, we feel needed and important, and that really boosts our self-esteem.

It Makes You Happy

People who volunteer do it for the genuine happiness that comes with helping others.

Volunteering has been shown to improve mental health, which is encouraging news at a time when over 30% of all Americans are struggling with anxiety or depression.

According to a 2020 study in the UK, volunteering is linked to feelings of emotional well-being and happiness.

Respondents who volunteered claimed feeling better about their life when asked about their health.

Those who had volunteered for at least a month reported better mental health than those who hadn’t volunteered at all.

Build On Your Current and New Connections

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and establish a support network around shared interests.

The best approach to establishing new relationships and nurturing old ones is by participating in activities together.

When you donate your time, you get to meet new people and improve your interpersonal relations.

Do you want to volunteer for our non-profit organization? There are many ways to help out at Orphan Life Foundation as a volunteer.

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