How You Can Help Orphaned Children Live a Better Life

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What is a child without a parent? Sadly, the world is filled with a large number of less privileged children leading lives as orphans. They are limited to their orphanages, with no access to a quality life. Their lives are devoid of basic necessities, driving them to untimely deaths. According to 2021 Orphan report, the prevalent causes behind an increasing number of orphans include natural calamities, wars, racial conflicts, poverty and mass migrations.Orphan child

As per data obtained from current statistics, 140 million children are homeless and parentless worldwide with Africa and other third world countries being at the top. With such a large number of children living such challenging lives, many of them consider suicide or suffer from fatal outcomes.

According to WHO reports, suicide rates have doubled in orphanages since 2002.

Many orphanage non profit organizations have come forward with an aim to give orphans the hope for a better life with all the basic necessities being fulfilled, including housing, education, health and welfare.

A Ray of Hope: Orphan Life Foundation

Orphan Life Foundation is a non-profit organization operating in US, Africa and India. They work with an aim to provide a better life to orphans with all the necessities. They facilitate orphans in every walk of life including, baby adoptions, orphan charity, creating safe housing, access to conducive education environment and primary healthcare.

baby adoption orphan lifeCreated by military veterans, they cater to children whose parents succumbed to wars and conflicts. In addition, they have services dedicated to support orphans. They take care of everything from primary care, educational opportunities, health and wellness support, and facilitating the search of safe and secure foster homes.

Orphan Welfare Programs

Due to the efforts of welfare NGOs, around 251,359 orphans find safe and secure foster homes every year in the US. Orphan Life Foundation also facilitates the orphan adoption process and the search for foster homes. They have a separate program, named, Roof for Rookies project that ensures legal assistance required during the process.

Clean Water Program

There are more than one billion people around the world that do not have access to drinking water, reports confirm. But given the amount of efforts by organizations like Orphan Life Foundation, the stats have greatly reduced to 771 million. However, there is a need to bring it down further with more clean water for children campaigns, and that can be done with programs similar to clean water for children.

Educational Programs

Desk for Children is a child literacy program operated under Orphan Life Foundation and operated in India and Africa where orphans are provided with basic school supplies including benches, uniforms, and other necessary school supplies to ease their education. With an aim to provide roofs to schools, they want to ensure that no children in Africa and India should feel devoid of their right to education.

Orphan children playing togetherIt’s time that we change the lives of orphans for good, it’s about time we bring forward more African child learning resources. Together we can create  more clean water programs, child literacy programs. We request you to join hands with us, so we can spread smiles together. Start by donating today on our website.

Global Pandemic Relief Fund

Now, more than ever, we need your support to help the vulnerable orphans at the Hindu Anathashram orphanage survive the pandemic and its effects. Donate now to save lives and spread smiles.