How You Can Strengthen Frontline Support for Orphans during COVID19

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Since the day the World Health Organization declared a global health emergency due to the novel coronavirus, everyone has been busy taking strict measures to ensure the safety and health of themselves and their families.

But what about those living in orphanages and foster care facilities who don’t have any family members to care for them?

Now, more than ever, these vulnerable children need our help and support. They need increased access to healthcare services during these challenging times. The frontline support for orphans has been trying to control the spread of the virus and protect the orphans.

The Challenges Faced by Professionals Offering Frontline Support for Orphans

Lockdown is making lives harder for these helpless children and their families. At orphanages and foster care units, resources are minimal. The stock of food and medical supplies is limited. The demand, on the other hand, is huge. While the governments have banned the admission of orphans in orphanages and residential care facilities, healthcare professionals, nurses, medical assistants, and social workers are working on the frontline to support and protect the disadvantaged children.

We need to find a way to ensure that this pandemic doesn’t become a lasting crisis for the orphans. As a well-knit community, we must help these vulnerable children and foster families recover and rebound from these challenges so that they can look forward to a healthier, safer, and brighter future.

How You Can Help Strengthen the Frontline Support for Orphans

The orphans and foster care families need your help and support now more than ever! During these testing times, you can use your money, resources, and power to help strengthen the frontline support for orphans. You can help healthcare professionals stay safe while saving the lives of vulnerable children who have no one else to care for them.

Orphan Life Foundation strives to go the extra mile to ensure there’s adequate frontline support for orphans. We appeal to you to donate whatever you can to help those in desperate need. We understand that the ongoing pandemic has affected your life but let’s not forget the unfortunate children who are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus and its economic impact. They don’t have a permanent home or family and they have already been through so much in their lives. A little contribution from your end can help us ensure they stay safe and healthy during these unprecedented times.

Your donations will help us purchase lifesaving equipment, including masks, gloves, soaps, sanitizers, tents, and gowns for healthcare professionals offering frontline support for orphans. You will also be helping orphans return to schools by helping us improve the sanitary conditions there. By helping one healthcare professional, you will be supporting several children and foster parents! Take a moment to think about children who are not living at home with parental love, care, and support. Donate NOW!

Global Pandemic Relief Fund

Now, more than ever, we need your support to help the vulnerable orphans at the Hindu Anathashram orphanage survive the pandemic and its effects. Donate now to save lives and spread smiles.