International Youth Day: 3 Ways You Can Play Your Part

A black and white picture of children eating in an orphanage

While we may be busy with our quotidian activities and the hectic work life, many young people are fighting climate change and gender discrimination and raising awareness about cruelty through social media activism and their unadulterated passion.

The number of young people with a profound passion for protecting the environment and several marginalized communities is rapidly growing.

Amidst the tragic events that are taking place, from the pandemic to the constant human rights violations, it’s refreshing to see young people addressing important issues and asking questions that no one dares to ask.

International Youth Day is the day to celebrate our youth and amplify their voices to bring attention to the causes they’re supporting.

We can use this day to recognize young people’s power in society and the changes they’re making through their voices and actions.

From living a sustainable life to donating to orphans, here are three ways you can play your part in celebrating International Youth Day.

1.    Practice Sustainable Living

Start with developing small habits that can make a big difference. This includes playing your role in the fight against climate change and living a sustainable life.

Consider going plastic-free, boycott brands that still insist on manufacturing their products with endangered animal species, drive less and work on reducing your carbon footprint.

Define the meaning of sustainability to your children as well. Once you start to implement eco-friendly habits into your life, you’re also setting an example for your children.

2.    Participate In an Event To Support the Youth in Your Community

One of the best ways to show your support to the youth is by organizing or participating in an event that supports a good cause.

Check the newspaper or your community’s event calendar to learn about any events happening at the church, a school, or a youth club.

Lend a helping hand to support the people at the event and make sure you’re also encouraging your children to take part!

3.    Contribute to Those in Need

If you’re unable to volunteer or organize an event, consider making a financial contribution to those who are in need. If you’re searching for a humanitarian group to donate to, check out Orphan Life Foundation.

Our organization was founded by military veterans who aim to conduct health, safety, and educational programs to support orphan children.

Our team of talented organizational members and partners work together to deliver a wide range of services to help these children build a better future for themselves.

We have been helping orphans in the Philippines, India, and parts of Africa for years and are committed to providing these children better life opportunities with well-devised strategies.

Donate to our non-profit orphanage organization now to help these children receive the love that they deserve. Contact us to learn more about our various programs and projects all over the world.