Let’s Create Schooling Opportunities for the Unfortunate

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A Tibetan proverb says, “A child without education is like a bird without wings.”

And we couldn’t agree more!

Watching parentless children in different regions of Africa waiting eagerly to ‘grow their wings’ is heart-rending.

Orphaned children, with their hearts carrying a strong burden of sadness and grief, long for a roof over their heads when it comes to as basic a right as education.

Letting the Picture Do the Talking

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. It is often more expressive than words could ever be. You’d agree when we say that it has the ability to portray a variety of emotions, both positive as well as a group of orphaned children at a schoolnegative.

The accompanying image fits the latter description, one which results in portraying more negativity than positivity, more sadness than happiness, and the feeling of worry rather than content.

This picture is of a school we constructed for orphaned children under our Roof for Rookies Project (R2P) in Didyr, Burkina Faso.
The conditions might look far from optimal to nurture and provide education to orphans with a congested space, believe us when we say that it is far better than what used to be before we took steps to address the issue. There were no walls, no roof, no desks, no chairs, and no children with a dream to get a good education. All there was, was an abandoned area, a useless piece of land serving no purpose. Imagine that!

The Progress

At Orphan Life Foundation, we are making our best efforts in collaboration with our partners to provide schooling to the vulnerable, neglected children. In 2016 alone, we successfully constructed six classrooms for them, managing to provide around 1,600 children with a roof over their head and access to basic education.

However, the fact that 400 children have no choice but to share a tiny classroom is downright inhumane. These young souls deserve better. They have a bright future lying ahead of them. Only if they could get a passport to reach there – yes, the passport is a quality education!

A Little Something to Ponder

Imagine your own child having to go to such a school where the classrooms are overcrowded or worse, where there is no roof over their head and they are made to sit on the rough and hot floor for the entire duration.

You’re blessed, to say the least! And that’s one blessing you can’t be grateful enough for! Donating for the better future of the unfortunate children is just one way to express your gratitude. Even a small contribution can make a world of a difference for the orphans.

Help Us Support the Unfortunate!

Contribute with cash or material donation to help Orphan Life Foundation provide a much better and more secure learning environment to the unfortunate souls so that they can get a good education they truly deserve and enjoy a bright, happy future.


Global Pandemic Relief Fund

Now, more than ever, we need your support to help the vulnerable orphans at the Hindu Anathashram orphanage survive the pandemic and its effects. Donate now to save lives and spread smiles.