Operation Education—India 2022: Here’s What You Can Do to Help

India is a third-world country with a growing population of 1.4 billion. Providing education for such a significant population can be challenging. Although the country’s government has taken measures to improve its literacy rate, many children are still experiencing challenges in obtaining an education.

Some common challenges include a lack of educational facilities, financial crises, gender inequality, etc. Unfortunately, the most common problem is how gender inequality affects education. Many areas in the country have more opportunities for educating male children than females.

In such circumstances, orphan organizations worldwide have taken initiatives to help Indian children receive education and a fair chance in life. Amongst these various organizations, Orphan Life Foundation has also come up with a project—Operation Education – India 2022.

What is Operation Education —India 2022?

Operation Education – India 2022 is our latest project that is dedicated to providing education for Indian, orphaned children, specifically in a small city named Nadiad in Gujarat, India.

We aim to make a change through Operation Education – India 2022. Our team has started this project to give Indian children a brighter and more educated future. In 2021, Orphan Life Foundation funded a project to build all new school desks for this orphanage in Nadiad.  We are furthering our education mission this year to help provide more supplies to provide these children with education and real opportunities for furthering their educations.  In this project, we’ll offer these children school essentials, such as laptops, school grade curriculums, books, notebooks, and stationery, like pencils, pens, erasers, etc., and other types of school supplies. Importantly since these children need stability to thrive, Orphan Life will also enhance their living situation but provided new mattresses, bedding and a clean wardrobe.

Orphan Life Foundation will start collecting donations for these items, after which we will distribute these items to children in India.

How Can You Help?

Working toward a good cause requires teamwork, and we need your help in educating these children and providing them real hope for their futures. If you’re interested in helping us, here’s what you can do.

Collect School Supplies

Since Operation Education – India 2022 aims to collect school supplies to distribute amongst Indian children for their education; you can help us speed up the process. Please consider donating to such a noble cause.  We will be giving your donations directly to the kids for their educational needs.  Laptops and technology will help connect them to the world and help expand their horizons.


Providing for the underprivileged isn’t easy; it takes a lot for the entire process. We surely need your support, but there’s another way you can help us—by volunteering.

By volunteering, you can help streamline this project in various ways. You can join our team as we gather and supply these educational items for Indian children.

Join us today to make Operation Education – India 2022 a success, where we make sure every child is equipped to receive an education.

At Orphan Life Foundation, we team up with other orphanage websites and charities and offer various projects and programs to provide for those who are underprivileged. You can support our other causes such as Clean Water for Children, Pencil for Poor Program, Desk for Children Project, and much more.

Reach out to us to make a change.