Clothes for Orphan
Project (COP)

Being an orphan doesn’t mean they don’t have needs and feelings. Losing parents doesn’t mean they lost being humans. They are still people – just orphans.

Orphans Are in Need of Clothes

It breaks our heart to say that orphans are deprived of the basic necessities that support daily care. One of these necessities is clothing. Imagine not having anything appropriate to wear in harsh weather conditions… how would you feel? donate clothes to an orphanage to help.

Orphans go through this misery every day of every year. Even the images of orphan children wearing little to no clothing in Africa are gut-wrenching. Many of these unfortunate children don’t have clothes to keep them warm in cold weather.

If you are looking for an orphanage to donate clothes to, reach out to us.

Our Mission​

At Orphan Life Foundation, the HIV and AIDS Program is specifically designed with the objective of supporting orphan children affected by HIV/AIDS as well as those who have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS.

Our Plan

With this all-voluntary, non-profit program, we plan to collect usable clothing items and shoes and distribute them among orphan children.

The Outcomes

The Clothes for Orphan Program has been critical in serving several orphan communities where children were deprived of appropriate articles of clothing in harsh weather conditions.

During 2018 – 2019, we were able to provide over $1700 worth of usable clothes and shoes to five orphan schools and two orphanages in the Department of Didyr.

Hopeless children love receiving fresh pieces of clothing to cover themselves!

Our Future Plans

By 2020, Orphan Life Foundation plans to support six additional schools as well as the orphanages we’re serving today with clothes and shoes. We anticipate helping more and more orphans by raising $2,500 in value.

How Can You Help?

As little a step as donating used yet appropriate clothes to orphan children will mean a lot to them. You may also donate money so that we may buy them weather-appropriate clothing and shoes.

You won’t just be sending clothes and money, you’ll be sending hope and dignity!

Help us improve the quality of life for an orphan today!

Want to join our hands to become the orphans’ family? Learn more about our plan by contacting us.