Orphan Health Programs

The state of health for orphans worldwide is not just an issue; it’s a crisis.

From illnesses like HIV/AIDS to the basic human need for clean water and proper nutrition, millions of orphan children face life-threatening circumstances every single day.

What we must not forget is that every statistic is a life—a child in need of a family, love, and, most importantly, basic health services.

At Orphan Life Foundation, we’re committed to making a tangible difference in the lives of the orphans and underprivileged in rural areas.

Our Health Projects at a Glance

HIV & AIDS Assistance (H2A)


To curb the devastating impacts of HIV and AIDS on orphan children and their families.

What we do

We focus on improving access to nutritional and health services, keeping children in school, protecting their legal and human rights, and promoting emotional support.

Impact and Future Goal

We have allocated around $3,000 specifically for the HIV/AIDS program, aimed at rooting out one of the causes of children becoming orphaned in specific regions. By 2020, we performed HIV tests on all orphan children registered in our database and provided medical assistance and sensibilization to the community. We aim to raise more funds to provide ongoing health services and support to the community.

Clean Water for Children (CWC)


Our clean water campaign aims to provide orphan children and their communities with clean, accessible water.

What we do

We collaborate with international clean water campaigns and facilitate digging expeditions to construct wells and high-force water pumps, especially in underprivileged areas.

Impact and Future Goal

In 2018, we raised $5,000 to dig wells. By 2020, we managed to take this project to the next level and built three more wells with the help of Eau Vive Internationale.

By 2030, we aim to significantly reduce the number of deaths caused by the water crisis. By 2050, we believe children in Africa might not suffer from the scarcity of clean water.

Food Distribution Project (FDP)


To provide nourishing meals to orphaned children and their communities to address immediate and long-term nutritional needs.

What we do

We partner with local food producers and international aid organizations to distribute high-quality food items, including grains, fruits, vegetables, and proteins. The project also educates community leaders on sustainable agricultural practices for enduring impact.

Impact and Future Goal

We have already provided [insert number] meals in [insert year] alone, significantly reducing malnutrition rates and increasing school attendance as children are better nourished and can focus on their education.

Call for Donation

At Orphan Life Foundation, we don’t just see the challenges; we see possibilities and hopes in the eyes of each child we serve. But we can’t do it alone.

Please donate, volunteer, and spread the word to help us continue making a meaningful impact in the lives of those who need it the most.