Pencil for Poor
Program (3P2)

Have you witnessed the spark in a young child’s eyes when they are entrusted with a new pencil? Our orphans have never experienced this excitement. Many of them have never even seen a pencil.

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The educational system in our side of the world is inclined to promote technology and digitization. But you can’t deny the fact that the pencil remains to be a powerful tool.

Like books, it is the first step to embark on an educational journey. Is it not?

And yet, many children in Africa try to get an education don’t have access to basic school supplies. They don’t have parents who can buy the required stationary.

Nor can their schools facilitate the needs of a classroom that accommodates more than a hundred students.

How then can they be expected to learn?

"Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation.”

Walter Cronkite

Our Mission​

Orphan Life Foundation focuses on the educational needs of millions of orphans residing in Africa. We dream of a day when all these children are enrolled in schools. And of a time when they’re learning isn’t hindered because of the lack of a pencil.

"Come grab a pencil and draw a line that helps these children cross the distance between dreams and reality."

Our Plan

Almost a decade ago we started a standard back-to-school campaign that asked others to sponsor one of our orphans. For convenience sake, we narrowed down our requirements to a mere school box. Eventually, the buzz around the project died down.

But the Orphan Life Foundation continues to provide basic school supplies to hundreds of students studying in the district of Didyr. We have collaborated with many international organizations that operate under the belief system.

Moreover, we’ve been supported by independent schools that want to promote education. But there are many more miles to go before we reach our goal.

The Outcomes

2018 - 2019

5 Schools


2019 - 2020

6 Schools


Future Goals

The Whole District


How Can You Join Our
Back to School Campaign?

Our mission is simple: we just want these children to have basic school supplies. You can either send a single box of pencils and extra stationary supplies our way. Or send some donation money to fund our back to school shopping.

Donate some funds for us to get new school supplies Gift Box
Send presents in the form of pencil boxes and other school supplies