Pennies for Poor
Program (3P1)

Even the smallest act of kindness can leave lasting impressions.

Do you have some change to spare?

Yes, you do.

You can probably hear the clatter of loose change in your pockets. You can feel the uneven edges of the spare coins every time you put your hand inside a purse to grab your phone!

Nickels, dimes, pennies and cents have a way of ending up in the nooks and crannies of your households.

They slip between the sofas, roll under the bed or lay on the dusty surfaces of the dressing table long forgotten.

Our Mission​

Orphan Life Foundation has conducted lots of fundraisers and campaigns for charity. We are currently working on various educational and non-educational programs for the betterment of orphans in Africa.

Over the years, we were met with sheepish smiles and embarrassed looks when patrons excused themselves from a donation. They didn’t believe that their small contributions could help our ambitious projects.

How could a single cent bring about any change in the lives of countless desolate children? This thought stopped them from answering our pleas and they walked away to embarrassed to share something. This is why we came up with Penny for Poor Program

Never underestimate the power of good intentions and combined efforts. We can turn the tide around with one single step towards kindness.

"Well, it’s time to pick them up and start a chain of positive events for others."

Our Plan

This is a simple stance for the greater good. We open doors to each and every individual that wants to help our cause. We’ve noticed that even the single cent could make a big difference in the outcomes of a bigger project. So send over all those leftover cash and pennies that are lying around the house. You may not have any use for them. But your extra dimes can be enough to push our projects forward.

What Do We Do with the Pennies?

All the pennies collected from this program are distributed amongst other projects. From building roofs, digging wells, clothing children to sending them to school we won’t let your contributions go to waste!

How Can You Help?

Your contributions can help us build a livelier, happier and brighter future for orphans in need.

Do you want to know more?

Get in touch with us right away!