Shelter for Shy
Program (2SP)

"When children are adopted, they are no longer an orphan or a statistic. They are sons and daughters."
- Mike Rusch

Millions of orphan children face
abandonment, neglect, and have
to survive without a roof over their heads.

Orphan Life Foundation is determined to provide these vulnerable children with a safe shelter that they can call home.

Our Mission

Orphan Life Foundation places heightened emphasis on the social protection of orphans with the primary objective of reducing vulnerabilities and risks, providing them with access to health and nutritional services.

Our Plan

Our Shelter for Shy Program is aimed at offering adoption opportunities and facilitating people in the adoption process. Under this program, we also conduct psychosocial evaluations and interventions by placing children in fostering environments and monitoring them.

Several social activities are also organized to provide a family-like environment to the orphans.

The Outcomes

Every year, Orphan Life Foundation conducts an orphan census registration in its areas of operation under the Shelter for Shy Program.

It not only helps identify and track down newly orphaned children, but also helps develop appropriate strategies for preventing and responding to cases of child abuse, exploitation, violence, and family separation.

During 2011-2018, we identified 2057 orphan children, all less than 18 years of age.

We also facilitated over 17 adoptions, placed over 53 children in foster families and 404 orphans in local shelter managed by local authorities.

How Can You Help?

Our next census registration is scheduled for 2020, where we anticipate expanding our coverage. Our goal is to help more and more orphan children find their safe haven where all their needs are met with care and love.

Future Plans

You can help us provide a safe shelter to the unfortunate orphan children by adopting them or by donating funds for us to find homes for them.

Orphan children are pleasing for a shelter – help us find a home for them!