Clean Water for Children (CWC)

In May 2016, one of Orphan Life Foundation’s members visited a school in the village of Didyr, Burkina Faso which we had been helping by contributing to the improvement of the orphan education environment present there. During the tour of the school, a child called him a “SAINT”. He asked as to why the little girl said that. She stated that she had been using the same pencil that had been given to her 2 years ago as part of Orphan Life Foundation’s efforts.

The Global Water Crisis

Every single day almost 1000 children lose their lives to the devastating water crisis. Most of them are under the age of 5. Amongst the thousands, only a few hundreds have a family that mourns their death.

Our clean water campaign is a step toward providing clean drinking water to children so that no child will have to suffer the consequences of the water crisis. Help us in achieving this mission by donating today. Call us for more details.

Millions and trillions of bacteria swim in their drinking water. Most of these children are exposed to unsanitary and unhygienic conditions. That is because the contaminated water is a breeding ground for:
Salmonella & many other bacteria and parasites.

The rest of the community might die due to dehydration.

The Unbalanced Water Dilemma

“70 percent of the world is covered by water, only 2.5 percent of it is fresh… In essence, only 0.007 percent of the planet’s water is available to fuel and feed its 6.8 billion people.”

- National Geographic

Our Mission​

Orphan Life Foundation pledges to clean the watering grounds of the rural regions of Africa. We want the children of the world to grow up. We want to find/supply clean water solutions so children live in the land of clean water and proper sanitation. We want to save lives.

Our Plan

Clean Water for Children is an initiative that aims to provide clean water to various deserted regions of Africa. We’ve collaborated with international clean water campaigns like “Eau Vive Internationale” to turn this mission into a reality. This is how we plan to achieve this enormous feat:

Step 1

Breaking the Ground

Orphan Life Foundation is collecting funds to facilitate digging expeditions in Africa for our clean water initiative. The teams pick up spots near underprivileged areas or community institutions. They then scour the land to find the best spots for digging wells. This ensures that the people in the surrounding areas have access to fresh water. The wells are built supply water for years to come.

What if building a well isn’t possible? If that is the case, then our clean water project team takes a modern route by installing high-force water pumps. The pumping system helps provide largely populated areas with fresh clean water without any problem under our clean water program.

Step 2

Clean Water Zones

There are many areas in Africa that have running water. The only problem is that the water is either too salty to drink or it’s contaminated with various pollutants. The Orphan Life Foundation distributes water filters to the local institutes or makeshift residencies built on these locations.

Our main targets are:


The Outcomes

In 2018


Collected to dig wells for the orphans under our clean water program and supervision.



We plan to expand this project and our partnership with Eau Vive Internationale to build three more wells.



The death count caused due to the water crisis will slowly diminish.



Africa might not suffer from the scarcity of clean water for children.

"Alone we might be the proverbial single drop of water, but with your support we can be as vast as the mighty ocean."