Roof for Rookies
Project (2RP)

We might send off missionaries and teachers to remote villages of Africa, but we can’t possibly expect children to enter the educational system without a roof that shelters their dreams.

Unsheltered Spirits

On one of our visits to West Africa, we stumbled upon a shocking scene.

Located in the village of Didyr, Burkina Faso a modest school used to accommodate over 1800 students within 6 classrooms. The sheer numbers of this overambitious effort were staggering, as it meant that around 300 students were seated in a single classroom. This is the reality of African education system.

And we grumble about our children studying with a mere 20 others.

We knew right away that we had to take this school under our wing with primary focus in improving education in Africa but most importantly giving hope to the orphan children. For starters, the confined setup would only amplify the distraction for these young minds. Plus, a single teacher or even multiple ones couldn’t possibly control a student body this big.

Could this be considered as a proper classroom?

Yet, these children are still regarded as fortunate. At least they had a roof on top of their heads while countless others were compelled to take their classes on the sunny grounds of a makeshift classroom.

But they can’t continue to live like this.

Our Mission

Orphan Life Foundation is striving to build a better future for the children in Africa. We are working hard to erase the educational disparity present in the world. It all starts with a roof on top of their heads.

Our Plan

Better Classrooms = Better Education

One can’t possibly survive without the other!

The Roof for Rookies Project is one of three educational programs for orphans in Africa. The primary goal is to pull down the barriers that prevent children from getting an education. Educational crisis in Africa is one of the most depressing features of the people.

Currently, Orphan Life Foundation collaborates with other NGOs that value the importance of education in Africa to raise funds and develop programs for this project. So far we have been able to build six additional classrooms in the little school we visited back in 2016. The future plan hopes to build four more.

The project works
in two parts:

We plan to build new classrooms for schools already operating in rural Africa

We renovate and revamp existing classrooms to accommodate the needs of each institution On the whole, we wish to facilitate and support the institutes that are trying their best to spread education in third-world countries. If we give up on them now, they will be forced to shut down their schools.

We don’t want schools to send their children back home because of a lack of space or facilities. Roof-less classrooms and shabby spaces will only crush dreams and ruin prospects. Improving education in Africa should start with a basic roof for children, a space called classroom. Lack of classroom are the causes of lack of education in Africa.

Let’s come together to build classrooms to gift these orphans a brighter future!

Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.”

– Marian Wright Edelman

How Can You Help?

Many children are interested in seeking an education but the facilities and standard infrastructure to help fulfill these dreams, are non-existent.

Will you help us bridge the gap between their dreams and reality?