The History and Significance of International Literacy Day

UNESCO declared the 8th of September as “The International Literacy Day” which has been celebrated around the world since 1966. The day has been designed to shed light and focus on the literacy needs of adults, individuals, and communities as a whole. Not only does the day highlight how important it is to focus on the provision of literacy to people around the globe, but also how many people have yet to experience it.

UNESCO strongly believes that each individual should have the basic luxury of reading and writing, and how to establish organizations and movements to aid the cause. Every year the day has been used to devise policies, find pot holes in existing systems, and design a better approach to tackle illiteracy problems. Some of the focus points include developing national-level policies, addressing learning needs, and a lot more.

Celebrating The International Literacy Day has given many countries a wake-up call and the chance to improve their educational stance. Here are some of the benefits that came out of regularly practicing the annual literacy day.

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Impacting Literacy Rates Worldwide

As the world becomes a globalized village, more and more countries are becoming woke about what should be done and avoided in a high-functioning society. Many countries over the course of 50 years have made efforts to improve their literacy rates in order to compete with other developing companies economically.

Many countries across the world have imposed and followed through with national literacy policies, where individuals are expected to gain at least some level of education. It has helped people learn to read and write at a very basic level.

Made Education Accessible

Many children are brought into the world and are either abandoned, or left alone. A few decades ago several orphan organizations would not have thought about educating the children that they take care of. But with the help of the International Literacy Day, NGOs, individuals, and wealthy nations have been working towards establishing educational rights and privileges for people in unfortunate scenarios.

Building a Solid Foundation

In order to progress as a whole, the world has to combat certain human foundation issues. Literacy remains one of the main problems that people face. However, with the awareness of celebrating literacy day annually, many people have been able to help build a stronger and more stable foundation for human recovery.

Orphan Life Foundation has been working day in and out to establish some form of stability so that we can help orphans around the world. We have been working closely with orphan organizations, and orphanage charities to help provide equal fighting chances to orphans in different circumstances.

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