The Impact of Clean Water on Kids’ Immunities

A child’s hand under gray metal water pipe

In underprivileged countries like Africa, it’s estimated that more deaths happen due to water pollution. The impact of water pollution on a child’s health and immunity are quite significant.

Kids may suffer from illnesses like diarrhea, chronically poor immunity, worm infestations, allergies, skin infections, etc. Here are three significant impacts of clean water on a kid’s immunity.

Constipation Prevention

Constipation is the most common form of illness in a child. One reason is insufficient water intake. When a body is not getting the required amount of water, constipation problems arise. Water helps the stool easily move from the digestive tract. When there is a deficiency of it, the stool became dry and hard to pass.

Essential Nutrition

Orphans in Africa have issues with their development and have weak immunity because they lack clean water provisions. The polluted water affects their immune system and causes abnormal growth.

Clean water supplies nourishment. To maintain your kid’s health, clean water intake helps provide higher levels of nutrients. Clean water has significant impacts on a child’s development and immunity—it boosts immunity development and strengthens it, adjusts body temperature, increases metabolism, and revitalizes their body so they can work actively.

Brain Function Improvement

Clean water ensures a kid’s brain is strong, actively performing, and reacting the way it should. Kids in poor urban areas like Africa are deprived of this resource.

They have limited access to clean water in a few cities. The rest are surviving on polluted water that causes brain disabilities, abnormal growth, or psychological issues.Clean water helps with maintaining their attention and focus and it improves their retention capacity.

Clean water is pouring on a person’s hand

Clean water has the potential to reduce the proportion of underweight children. The orphanage in Africa or any other part of the world lack nourishment. Many orphans, especially around the age of 5, lose their lives due to clean water shortage.

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