The Impact of the Global Pandemic on Poverty in India

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The Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc globally. It’s a massively tumultuous time for the world as the death of millions was followed by global health and economic crisis, job cuts, industrial lockdowns, etc.  It has pushed the world in a recession in a way that hasn’t been seen before.

India was one of the countries that greatly suffered from the virus. This blog discusses the impact the pandemic had on India’s economy.

The Impact on India’s Economy

In India, the scale of infections by the summer of this year were as high as 400-700 million. India’s gross domestic product growth projection for the year 2022 was cut down to 8.3% by the World Bank. The Indian economy shrunk by 7.3 percent since last year.

According to the 2021 FICCI report, 58% of companies faced negative ‘high impact’ to their businesses. Over 38% saw moderate negative impact.

Even before Covid had hit India, unemployment levels were at a staggering 45% year high. According to India’s environment report by Center for Science and Environment it was found that a devastating number of 375 million children will face long-lasting impacts due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this will include being underweight and stunted growth.

According to a study from Maharashtra, Covid-19 accounted for 5.3 percent death rates in the state and a spiked rate of premature mortality of adults by 36 percent till December 2020.

Children at Risk of Poverty

The rising poverty and lack of resources, food, and health systems, has a desolate effect on millions of children. Children who’re sick can’t go the hospital and get treatments they’d need because they are already overwhelmed by Covid cases.

Many children will have to drop out of schools because and will be forced to find supplementary work so they can somehow support their families. Many children who’re unable to go to school can get stuck in systems of abuse, child labor, exploitation, etc.

According to the joint report from UNICEF and the World Bank in 2016, around 30 percent of children in India were already living under the line of excess poverty without basic means before Covid even wreaked havoc in India.

Parents that were tragically list in the pandemic would further cultivate hardships for children. In families where parents had died or lost their jobs, children were at more risk of facing child labor and exploitation or to find work and support families. Meanwhile, girls were forced into child marriages.

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What You Can Do To Help

The Indian children need as much help as they can to get out of this tumultuous situation. Providing better educational opportunities to orphans and children in need would give them the strength they need to receive advanced schooling and further opportunities. Every child deserves to break out of this chain.

Providing health resources and services could help them get treatments in such unprecedented times. Their optimal protection of human rights and emotional needs have to be met with. Their safety from dangers and risks must also be ensured.

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