The Importance of Early Childhood Education in Africa

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A classroom in Africa with no teaching material or supplies.Children are the seeds of the future; watering them well today will result in a brighter tomorrow. While food and water are essential for physical nourishment, education and learning aids in mental nourishment. Education is a fundamental right for every human.

However, more than 150 million children ages 3 to 5 don’t have access to pre-primary education, while 80% of these children are in low-income countries. In fact, Africa has the highest rate of educational exclusion in the world. More than 1/5 of the children aged 6-11 are out of school. Here’s why early education is important:

What is Early Childhood Education?

This is a branch of education theory that focuses on teaching children from birth up to eight years old, as per the second- or third-grade level. A child’s early years are crucial as this is the foundation for their future development. It helps provide a solid foundation for lifelong learning, which includes cognitive and social development.

The Link between Poverty and Education

More than 90% of a child’s brain develops before they reach five. Learning and cognitive stimulation help build a base for future schooling. Early education is particularly beneficial for the poor, as it helps improve their development and potential for success, allowing them to escape poverty in the future. UNICEF believes that it’s important to invest in early childhood education as this can reduce gaps in society and help children recover from low social and economic status.

An orphaned African child playing with a football instead of going to school

Africa and Early Childhood Education

In Africa, only 27% of children attend preschool, as compared to 61% in North America. They have the lowest rate of early childhood education, which is why their generations are going through a repeated cycle of poverty. Providing access to education at an early age can help break this cycle and give Africa a chance to develop as a nation on the whole.

How Can You Help?

Early education can condition and train the minds of children for a more prosperous and brighter future. As years pass by, children lose out on the prime years of their lives, and their potential is being overlooked. Take a step forward today, and do your part.

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