The Life of an Orphan Matters, Your Action Matters

The Bitter Truth

Orphaned children are perhaps the most vulnerable souls in the world. Whether they lose their parents to sickness or age, or the family decides to abandon them, they’re left with no support in this world at an early age.

Needless to say that this loss may ignite hatred in them for this world – and rightly so. When they see other children their age being treated differently, wearing nice clothes, eating good food, and enjoying all kinds of luxuries when they themselves are deprived of basic necessities, they tend to resent their fate.

They may be young but are smart enough to notice the discriminatory actions of people towards them.


Let’s Change That

The core principle on which the pillars of Orphan Life Foundation stand is to improve the lives of orphans in the long run in every possible way.

To help address the concerns and worries related to the living standard of these hopeless children, we have taken initiatives at every level to facilitate a positive change in their lives from the ground up and to become the ultimate source of all their solutions under one roof and banner.

What We Do

We continue to operate in some of the most sensitive regions of the world where an increasing number of orphans are exposed to one or more forms of dangers and inadequacies. We have designed and run many projects and programs in sync with one another to address all areas of need, especially those that are essential for their survival, growth and, development.

We strive to see them transform into respected citizens of society. Our continued efforts have allowed us to partner with various local NGOs and individuals with whom we share mutual goals and objectives to achieve a common goal i.e. to change the lives of orphans for the better.

We are a close group of individuals who do not let the borders hinder our corporation. Every member of our team, regardless of the area where they serve, is well-equipped to make the lives of orphans easier, serving as a beacon of hope for them at every step of the way.

We primarily look after their educational, health and safety needs, providing them with what they need for a happy, successful future.

Calling All Heroes

We also conduct fundraisers, donation programs and drives, and organize community service events in hopes of receiving any kind of monetary or material donation that we could put to good use.

You can too become a part of our journey to change the quality of life of vulnerable orphans for the better. Even the smallest gesture of kindness from you can help us expand our reach. The orphaned children have no one to look after them – you can become their family and shower them with the love, care, and support that they truly deserve.

At Orphan Life Foundation, we appreciate any monetary or material donation and physical assistance coming from you. You may volunteer, host a fundraiser, or donate money, clothes, or educational resources as a way of showing that you’re compassionate enough to care for the less fortunate.

We encourage you to support and donate in any way you can to make this world a safe haven for the orphans!