The Power Of Giving: How Orphanages Overcome Fundraising Challenges

Do you know of an orphanage near your home? What do you think are some of the challenges it faces? Most orphanages around the world are run via donations from people, private firms, foundations, and corporations. But it’s quite common for the donations to not cover all the costs that the orphanage has to contend with.

Read this blog to learn how we overcome fundraising challenges when working with orphanages across the developing world, including India and Africa.

1. Identifying Needs

The first step in gathering funds is delineating what these funds are going to be used for, i.e., orphanages in Africa, India, the Philippines, etc. That’s why our project managers identify and jot down the various needs of the orphanage in question. This can mean anything from structural repairs to buying shoes for the orphan population during winter months.

2. Creating A Theory Of Change

Once you understand the needs an orphanage has, a plan, otherwise known as a theory of change can be made to address those needs. A theory of change essentially charts the pathway that’ll inform potential donors on how to transform a few resources into meeting the various needs of the orphanage. This helps in knowing exactly what needs to be done and where to overcome fundraising challenges.

A child leaning on a wooden sign board that’s got ‘India’ written on it

3. Reaching Out To Stakeholders

After your plan is ready, you’ll want the major stakeholders of a project or program to take notice of yourorphanage’s budgetary requirements, who will then work with you to apply for grants, waivers, funding. Stakeholders will also help maintain a network of disseminating important news regarding the project, which can help market it to relevant audiences for additional funding.

4. Crowdfunding

Once your stakeholders are informed, you’ll want to start actively fundraising, for which you might reach out to certain organizations or individuals. However, crowdfunding allows you to tap into a much wider market, as millions of people can be reached via the internet and asked to donate a minimal amount.

Our foundation has been running several projects and programs for the health and welfare of orphanages in Africa, the Philippines, and India across various issues. From water scarcity to HIV and AIDS, we prioritize the needs of orphans and conduct fundraisers accordingly.

To learn more about how we overcome fundraising challenges, explore our website.