Top 3 Challenges Faced by Foster Care in Burkina

Orphan children are faced with unprecedented challenges throughout their lives. It is nearly impossible for us to imagine the pain, hopelessness, and vulnerability they feel and go through.

While it is good to see the rise in the popularity of foster care for orphans in different parts of the world, it remains a privilege in developing countries like Burkina. In fact, the concept of foster care is practically non-existent in the country.

Even the facilities that do exist haven’t been operating at their best. This is a critical starting point to rethink our approach to orphan welfare. The following are the top three challenges faced by foster care in Burkina and how we can try to overcome them.

The Voices Go Unheard

For many orphans, the frustration of being in foster care stems from the fact that their voices often go unheard. Inadequate communication channels in foster care systems leave the vulnerable children’s needs unmet and their concerns unaddressed.

They already have so many traumatic situations to deal with in addition to the challenges of growing up. This frustration of not being heard may serve as the final nail in the coffin.

Giving helpless children the hope for a happy, fulfilling life goes beyond finding a nurturing family. Foster care in Burkina should focus more on listening actively to the orphans and encourage others to do the same.

Inadequate Support for Foster Parents

Foster families also require adequate support to overcome any difficulties and challenges they may experience. Many orphans have a traumatic past and so, their emotional needs are higher than others. Hence, foster parents should be properly trained to understand and cater to their unique needs and make them feel loved and valued.

Foster care in Burkina should focus on providing adequate support to foster parents in the initial stages when they are forming relationships. It is the only way to curb disruptions in placement. Also, the entire community should have a positive attitude towards families who want to become foster parents.

Too Many Rules and Regulations

While foster care generally has a good intention with their constant surveillance policies, orphans may feel overwhelmed and frustrated due to too many rules and regulations. Let’s get real; the rules at foster care are not the normal ones families have for a child. Typical things like getting a driver’s license or becoming a member of a sports team may involve extensive paperwork. As a result, orphans may feel that they don’t have the kind of control they should have over their lives. It may also make them feel less independent.

Foster care in Burkina should try to exercise flexibility where possible. Being considerate also helps when dealing with unfortunate children. Make them understand why all the paperwork is important and how you are expected to follow the system’s rules.

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