Vision Disabilities in Orphaned Children: How Can Braille Education Help?

People with disabilities usually face certain challenges accessing proper education, healthcare, and employment. They may also experience a greater level of neglect, abuse, and poverty. Individuals with visual impairments, including orphaned children with vision disabilities, are especially likely to experience communication challenges, especially when accessing written information.

World Braille Day is observed on January 4th each year to raise awareness of the significance of braille as a communication medium for visually impaired people. Let’s look at Braille education and its significance in detail.

What is Braille?

Braille is a tactile writing system that uses six dots in different placements to represent each letter and digit. It also includes scientific and musical symbols, and is designed for and used by people with vision disabilities. Braille has proved nothing short of revolutionary in furthering literacy rates among orphaned children with vision disabilities.

Prevalence of Vision Disabilities Globally: How Does Braille Literacy Help?

Visual impairment affects an estimated 253 million people globally, of which 15% are blind.

Data by WHO suggests that Africa hosts 15% of the world’s blind population, while also having a significant population of orphaned children. Therefore, a visually disabled orphaned child living in Africa faces significant disadvantages in all facets of life.

Quality education can pave the pathway for a prosperous future. Research shows Braille literacy provides visually impaired children to compete with their able-bodied peers, not just in school, but later in employment as well. Around 90% of Braille literate people in the US are employed compared to 33% of non-Braille literate.

Being Part of the Global Change

Currently, only 1 out of 10 blind individuals can read Braille. This figure is likely much lower in African orphaned children. People are not generally educated about the needs of disabled people causing stigmatization of disabilities, which again limits their access to basic facilities.

One can start by educating themselves and using their social media presence to create awareness on the importance of recognizing the needs of disabled people. Visually impaired children miss out on fundamental knowledge in early and advanced education. Early Braille education is instrumental to literacy for visually disabled children.

To be a part of a larger change, consider donating to orphanage non-profit organizations such as Orphan Life Foundation. Your donations will go towards buying the necessary items and tools needed to further Braille literacy in disabled children.

Funding Orphanages That Care for Vulnerable Children

Millions of orphaned children around the world face immense neglect, abuse, and abandonment. Education remains a far-end goal while trying to survive without basic necessities.

Your donation to Orphan Life Foundation can ensure food provisions for children in need as well as facilitating their education and basic healthcare requirements worldwide, including in India and Africa

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