Water Crisis in Burkina Faso: One Water Filter Can Save Several Lives

Let’s talk about the water crisis in Burkina Faso.

Several children die from diseases every year because of the lack of access to clean, pure drinking water in the country. Most of them are not even five years old.

Let that sink in.

Now imagine the living condition of orphans in a country where 3 million people don’t have access to an improved water source. The orphan community is at risk and access to drinking water has become one of their biggest challenges. While many children are dying due to dehydration, others end up catching life-threatening diseases after consuming contaminated water and being exposed to unhygienic conditions.

The Pandemic Has Made Things Worse

During the ongoing pandemic, water has transformed from a necessity into a precious resource for helpless children. The water crisis in Burkina Faso is a serious threat to innocent lives.

Everyone says that we must wash our hands and clothes and keep ourselves clean as much as possible. Orphans in Burkina Faso want to do the same, only if they had enough clean water.

They obviously can’t stop drinking water, so they are limiting its use for other activities. Local governments whose duty is to ensure proper water and sanitation services for all don’t have enough resources and funds to fulfill their responsibility. As a result, people have no choice but to walk long distances and use broken hand pumps to get water. This is especially dangerous because of the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus in the region.

The Orphan Life Foundation Strives to Bring New Hope

The Orphan Life Foundation realizes the challenges faced by orphans in Burkina Faso. We strive to clean the water grounds in the country to provide orphans with clean water solutions. It breaks our hearts to see the vulnerable children fighting for their lives because of the lack of access to clean water. We pledge to provide contaminant-free water to the deserted areas of the country to save innocent lives through various clean water campaigns.