Ways to Support

Orphan Life Foundation has opened its doors to 4000+ young ones who’ve been left all alone to survive in this world.

“It takes a village to raise a child”
- African Proverb

This little NGO is steadily growing to cover the whole world. We work hard to ensure that no child sleeps without a roof above their head or a warm embrace to provide comfort and security.

The organization has also taken the initiative to start educating these children for a better future.

But we can’t possibly do this without you. Your tiniest support can go a long way to making their big dreams come true.

Let’s Spread Simile
Not Tears
Come Cultivate Love
Not Fears

How Can You Get involved?

Plenty if you set your heart to it!
There are multiple ways to send in your charitable donations our way. Pick the one that suits you:

Come participate in our online funding programs:

Take Small Steps to Spread Big Smiles

Whether you have a nickel to spare or a toy to share―every tiny gesture shows us that you care.

Get in touch with Orphan Life Foundation and we’ll personally come to your doors to collect your donations. We’ll also be sending in receipts to individuals who request it for tax-related purposes

Where Can You Find Us?
Post: PO BOX 8506, Lacey, WA 98509
email: admin@orphanlifefoundation.org

Our promise

We assure you that all your donations will reach these children and be invested in their future.

If a single drop of water can start a ripple effect in the ocean then one penny from your end can also leave a lasting impression on these lives. Every Penny Counts

Make Your Contribution for Their Future.