Giving Tuesday

What if we tell you that you can turn
your passion and compassion into
a bigger platform?

Small Actions x Lots of People = Big Change

Giving Tuesday demonstrates people's abilities to come together and collectively work toward their communities' betterment. Celebrated on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving in the US, Giving Tuesday is the day of observing the spirit of giving. No person on this planet would've survived without this spirit, and at Orphan Life Foundation, we acknowledge the change only one person’s generosity can make to the entire world.

Giving Tuesday and COVID-19

This year, Giving Tuesday is going to be different. Although every year, this day brings a message of peace and hope, children in less privileged areas of the world require your generosity more than ever amid the current pandemic.

COVID-19 has claimed millions of lives worldwide. If developed countries where there's a plethora of health and other resources are suffering due to the virus, you can only imagine how challenging life has become for those living in less privileged areas.

The lives of orphans living in Africa, India, and the Philippines are in constant threat due to their countries' weak health infrastructure.

It's heartbreaking to see that schools and shelters built by Orphan Life Foundation in many developing countries have taken a big hit. Lack of food, shelter, and other necessary resources in these devastating times have made life all the more difficult for vulnerable populations.

Amid these circumstances, it’s up to us to keep the spirit of Giving Tuesday alive. By providing financial support to orphans in need, we can play our part in making the world safer for children.

Make the World Safer,
One Orphan at a Time

While we have already been engaged in providing relief to orphans facing challenging living situations in developing countries, your support can further take our cause. While shopping for the holidays this year, keep in mind that there are children in the world who hardly ever get new clothes. And while eating your Thanksgiving dinner, remember that children in impoverished parts of Africa go without eating a warm meal for months at a time. These children need your help.

Your donations can go a long way in ensuring many orphans worldwide have support in these challenging times. This Giving Tuesday, your generosity can save many children from the deadly virus and ensure they have food, shelter, and other necessary resources to stay alive.

All proceeds from your donations go toward the following:

1. Small Christmas gift for 753 Children (in India, Burkina Faso, and the Philippines)
2. School supplies for 440 children (Burkina Faso in the village of Didyr)
3. 50 Water filters for five orphanages (3 orphanages in Burkina Faso and two orphanages in Uganda)

Our efforts in improving children’s quality of life across the globe don’t stop here. We also provide food, hygiene awareness, medical care, and isolated shelters to protect them during these uncertain times.

Donate Now

Even a small donation can have a massive impact on the life of an orphan who has no one to turn to. Your generosity can save lives.

If you want to play your part in making the world a better place, we humbly request you to donate to our cause. You can contribute through Amazon, PayPal, and our Facebook page. The children in need look forward to your aid!