Volunteers like you are a ray
of hope for orphans

Interested in Donating Your Time to Make Their Lives Worthwhile?

You can spark an unforgettable feeling of being loved and cared for in the heart of an orphan by spending a little time with them.

Orphan Life Foundation warmly welcomes all passionate, enthusiastic, and committed souls to become a part of our journey to improve the lives of the unfortunate.

Let’s empower, support, and motivate orphans to move forward in life and reach their best potential!

Volunteering at the Orphan Life Foundation

Become a Volunteer, Member, Partner or an Event Sponsor Today

If you’re interested in joining our cause, simply contact us and communicate the days and times when you are available. You may also include any additional personal information you like to share, including your skills, interests, projects, or areas of service.

We’ll go through your application and get back to you as soon as possible!

Benefits of Volunteering at Orphan Life Foundation


A Positive Step

Volunteerism is associated with feelings of positivity and goodness. Spending quality time with orphans allow you to step out of your usual world and reflect on your life.


New Experiences

Volunteering at Orphan Life Foundation will broaden the horizons of your mind. Your life problems that may seem huge today will start to feel trivial when you spend time with the orphans.


Happiness Booster

There’s a strangely unique kind of happiness in the act of giving.

Spending hours with orphans on a daily basis will give you a sense of purpose, serving as a major happiness and contentment booster. The feeling of working for a better future of the unfortunate will be irreplaceable!

Volunteering Hours

Orphan Life Foundation operates from Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Please note that we accommodate interns and volunteers during business hours. You can also volunteer at your own time and location by:

Donate or collect used clothing and shoes for Orphan Life Foundation
Collect pennies or changes from your near community for Orphan Life Foundation
Spread the word about orphan children and advocate for their adoption
Search for sponsors in support of Orphan Life Foundation education programs
Gather up school supplies to donate to Orphan Life Foundation
Travel to our organized orphanage (Burkina-Faso) to assist with health and wellness of orphan children