What Goes Around, Comes Around: Mental Health Benefits of Giving

Men handing donation boxes to each other

In a society that’s “me-centric”, we should take some time out and think about the less privileged this Christmas. In North America alone, crowd-funding efforts like Kickstarter and GoFundMe raised around $17 billion in the past year. Since the season to give and receive is upon us, giving to those who are less privileged has become a priority since it can positively affect your health.

Feel Happier

Giving can produce a “warm glow” biologically, stimulating areas related to trust, joy, and connection with others. This is why you notice your mood elevates, and you feel happy while driving home from a volunteer activity. Serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine which is regarded as a “feel good” hormone are secreted in the brains during gift exchange or volunteering actions.

When researchers examined the MRIs of people who donated to different charities, they discovered that giving activates the mesolimbic pathway, the cerebral reward area, producing endorphins, which results in a “helper’s high”.

People sorting out donations

Reduced Depression Levels

When you donate to charity organizations, it provides many advantages, including lower depression levels. Increased self-esteem leads to a more upbeat attitude. Giving has a beneficial effect on both the mind and the body. These effects are similar to how humans connect with joy and happiness.

When you walk and exercise, your brain is stimulated to produce and release hormones that promote joy and love. This is the same thing that happens when you donate and give. When you make such activities a regular part of your life, you can create a pattern of increased mental health. Within this lies the depression incidence.

Longer Life Expectancy

Consider the holiday time to better comprehend the health benefits you’ll experience from giving to charity organizations. These are the periods that can be highly stressful. With that comes many health problems, such as a spike in anxiety, severe headaches, and sudden feelings of despair. Many charitable groups advocate for increased donations during these times. You may have a calmer holiday season with just one simple act of giving.

If you carry these actions forward throughout the year, you’ll notice a reduction in headaches, blood pressure and insomnia levels. It contributes to a happy life for you and others you helped by giving.

Increased Self-Esteem

This happens due to various factors, one of which is that giving is a selfless and noble act. Since it makes other people feel wonderful to serve others, working intently on helping people in need can lead to a stronger sense of personal pleasure and growth.

You’re providing much-needed necessities to a worthy cause when you give money to a non-profit organization that requires baby clothes, classroom supplies or money. You generally feel better about yourself when you give since you’re helping the less privileged.

If you’re looking to donate to a non-profit organization or an orphan children charity, Orphan Life Foundation is the right choice. We understand the mental impact that orphanages can have on children. We ensure that all the children receive school supplies, learning resources, and a proper education environment. Get in touch with our team and learn more about us.