What It’s Like To Volunteer At An African Orphanage


Many African countries today are still far less developed than the rest of the world, to the point where they struggle to have access to basic healthcare, clean water, sufficient food, and other basic human rights. Despite remarkable progress, 15000 children in Africa die every day due to treatable diseases. Moreover, 800 women die every day, leaving behind orphaned children.

There’s a lot more that’s left to be done in this part of the world. This part of the world still requires all the help they can get, whether that’s donating, fundraising, or volunteering.

While many people are probably reluctant to volunteer their time in an African orphanage, here’s what one of our volunteers have to say about their experience:

Volunteering at an African orphanage.

Why choose to volunteer in Africa?

Children, no matter which part of the world they are from, deserve love and a healthy upbringing. The health and drought crisis in African countries has led to many children being orphaned at a very young age and end up growing up in orphanages. Due to the large number of children orphaned or given up for adoption, they are unable to experience the love and warmth of a family. They spend their childhood with other children in deplorable conditions.

As humans, we require love and affection to become friendly and empathetic individuals. The Orphan Life Foundation has been doing some great work in African countries, including volunteering. You can visit their website for more information on volunteering at an African orphanage.

The experience at the orphanage

It’s important to understand that this part of the world is probably going to be vastly different to whichever country you’re from. The countries affected by drought and famine are poverty stricken and you will not have access to the luxuries like you did back home. Once you meet the children and see the way they live, you will think twice before wasting water or food.

Volunteers encourage people to do their research before visiting the place to learn the culture, norms, and integrate into society there a bit better.

At the orphanage, volunteers had to clean, teach, cook, wash clothes, help with preparing beds, and perhaps even construct makeshift light sources. You will learn many skills from your time volunteering here, mainly in how to make do with less!

School supplies for African schools.

How do the children respond to volunteers?

The children are always excited to spend time with volunteers. Volunteers try to spend as much time with them, providing them with the love and warmth they need. Volunteers also help teach the kids, provide school supplies, and help take care of the kids who fall ill.

Howwill this experience changed your life?

No amount of research will prepare you for what you will experience at an orphanage. You will have to fight back the tears when you see the conditions the people are living in. You will definitely become less wasteful and use your resources to donate to the various causes in Africa. They need your support more than ever due to the pandemic.

Each day, 734 children become orphans, these children require your support and love. Donate towards child literacy programs in Africa and orphanages in Africa. Visit our website to find out how you can support them. Those considering adopting a child, get in touch with our team at the Orphan Life Foundation for more information.